pCloud Brings Cloud Storage in an Innovative Form

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post to promote the service through our website. Our own review about the service will be posted on a later date.

File Management

When it comes to file management, pCloud offers a number of features. Noticeables ones of those features are:

  • Built-In Audio & Video Player

Unlike other cloud storage services, pCloud is better when it comes to media management. To play your music and movie files, pCloud has an in-built audio and video player in both web-based User Interface and Android & iOS Apps. This audio player is as efficient as a standard music player, as it boasts features such as playlists, shuffle, repeat, etc.


  • File History & Revisions

File History feature of pCloud will help you to have an overview of activities in pCloud account. You can see different kinds of activities such as file upload, folder creation etc. along with time stamp. On the other hand, by exploring the ‘Revisions’ section of pCloud, you can analyze changes made to each file and restore previous version if you want so.

Miscellaneous Features We Loved

  • Social Media & Cloud Backup

Most of you might be considering photos and videos in social media important! If so, social backup from pCloud is an amazing feature. You have to connect your social media profiles with pCloud and pCloud will backup all photos and videos you have uploaded to that particular website. Currently, social media backup of pCloud supports Facebook, Instagram, and Picasa. In addition, you can backup your files from Dropbox.


  • No Limits on Speed

One of the disadvantages of majority of cloud storage services is that they set speed limits while downloading files from site and uploading from PC! However, pCloud is quite different in this case, as they set no limits at all. There is no speed limit in pCloud while uploading or download files. So, you can transfer files in the maximum speed that your ISP offers.

  • Remote Download

Using this brand new feature of file downloading, you can transfer a file from a web server to pCloud account by giving URL of that specific file. This will be useful when you want to download big files. Similarly, if you have to bring multiple files from multiple locations to one folder, you can use Remote Download Feature.

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