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3 Responses

  1. Nicholas Teo says:

    It nice to have this options as I am always on the road using different connection every time.Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Vishal says:

    Hi… I inform the users, visitors, bloggers and the development and management team of this site!
    Myth: If you use Hotmail, you’ll be identified and if the person uses pirated Windows products, they’ll be identified and blocked at any time!

    Actually this is not. Even you use a pirated, that is not a concern for using Hotmail or Microsoft Answers or Bing Bar! They won’t find you or do anything to your PC or to your email account!

    Please put this information in most blogs and sites so that many won’t fear to use Hotmail!

    • Mezanul says:

      We want to add that to the above message:

      We don’t promote the use of pirated softwares and want our visitors to always use legal softwares. It helps in further development of the software and its developers.

      So stay safe by always using legal softwares.

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