pCloud Brings Cloud Storage in an Innovative Form

pCloud Sync

Simply speaking, pCloud is the official solution from pCloud to synchronize between your folders and pCloud account in such a way that each change in your folder will be also in pCloud. This easy-to-install tool is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. And, we have tested pCloud Sync for Windows and the experience was awesome.

What we loved most in pCloud Sync for Windows is its simplicity over user interface. It takes only a few seconds for you to set up synchronization between pCloud and multiple folders in your computers. After installation of pCloud Sync, you will be prompted to provide account credentials of pCloud, whereupon you can see pCloud Sync window.

Using pCloud Sync, you can synchronize multiple folders, and transfer speed of these files was very impressive as of our experience. Also, while setting up synchronization, you can choose either one-way or two-way sync according to your requirement.


In our experience, pCloud proved to be a good option for those who are looking for innovative, effective as well as affordable cloud storage, for both professional and personal purposes. What makes pCloud different, we think, is their innovative set of features such as pCloud Transfer, Upload Links, Social Media backup etc, which is useful every pro-user of internet. Likewise, official applications of pCloud, such as pCloud for Android, iOS and Sync, are worth praising, indeed. So, we will prefer pCloud over existing cloud storage services in market!

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