Mozilla Firefox 3.6.4 with Crash Protection Now Available for Download

Mozilla has finally released Firefox 3.6.4, the latest security and stability release for Firefox. This release provides crash protection for Windows and Linux users by isolating third-party plugins when they crash. The feature is like that in Google Chrome as it runs plugins in their own process to increase browser stability and security.

Out-of-process plugins are enabled by default and make sure that a crashing plugin will not crash the browser itself as well. Firefox can now prevents Adobe Flash, Apple Quicktime and Microsoft Silverlight crashes from bringing down your entire browser on Windows and Linux computers just like Google Chrome does. Read the Crash Protection FAQ for more detailed information about this new feature.


With the ability to automatically alert users when they have out of date plugins, and now crash protection, Firefox 3.6.4 allows users to experience all the content they love without any of the hassles. (If you’re not running Firefox, Mozilla recommends that you make a habit of visiting the Plugin Check page to keep your plugins up to date.)

Unfortunately crash protection doesn’t yet support Apple Mac OS X (but OS X is still receiving an update, presumably of smaller bug and stability fixes). Firefox 3.6.4 does not only add out-of-process plugins, it fixes several stability and security issues in earlier Firefox 3.6.x editions. You will find the release notes of Firefox 3.6.4 here.

Firefox 3.6.4 is a free download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

All Mozilla Firefox users are encouraged to upgrade for free by using the “Check for Updates” function in the Help menu, or by visiting Firefox home page. For more information, please visit:

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