Lunascape Web Browser – World’s First Triple Engine Hybrid Browser

lunascape-logoLunascape is a web browser with a kind of uniqueness that you cannot find in others. It is very unique in that it has three rendering engines: Gecko (used in Mozilla Firefox), Webkit (used in Apple Safari and Google Chrome), and Trident (also known as MSHTML) (used in Microsoft Internet Explorer). The user can switch between layout engines seamlessly and even without restarting the browser. This makes the browser all-in-one solution for perfect web experience.

The support for compatible add-ons makes it more unique. For instance, you can use all your favourite Firefox add-ons when you are using the Gecko engine. You will get the same experience that you get when you use your favourite browser.

The latest version of Lunascape is version 6.0.1 and is better known as Lunascape Orion. It includes the latest Gecko engine (same as Firefox 3.5.6), option to select IE8 native mode, supports higher resolution, and has some bugs and language fixes. You can have the best features, performance, and speed of, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari all in one browser.


While installing Lunascape you can either go for Standard install or Advanced install. The Advanced install option is further sub-divided into Custom install or Portable install. The portable install option is great and gives you the freedom to carry an all-in-one browser with the best features that you can get from the three web-rendering engines. Don’t forget to select the Gecko Engine and Webkit plugin during installation.

lunascape orion browser


  • Triple engine means triple add-on facility: Trident rendering engine, Gecko rendering engine, WebKit rendering engine.
  • Mouse gestures, Form data saving, User-agent camouflaging, Pop-Up blocker, Crash prevention feature.
  • Compatible with Firefox add-ons. The list of currently incompatible Firefox add-ons can be found here.
  • Quick and easy add-on transfer from Firefox, smart add-on organizer feature for better control over add-ons.
  • Extensible and fast than standalone browsers.
  • Enhanced floating sidebar aka Desktop Gadget, sidebar auto-hiding, toolbar customization, menu customization, sub-menu customization, search engine customization, wide-screen display ability (for Netbooks).
  • Sidebar plugins, toolbar plugins, IE toolbar plugins, IE sidebar plugins, Firefox add-ons, works with WSH Script (not using registry), engine specific bookmarklets, screen capturing features.
  • New Minimalist Interface – “ORION”.
  • Multiple row tab display, tab rows locking.
  • Triple engine side-by-side split tab display.
  • Triple engine API for cross browser extension developing.
  • Synchronization of online favorites, online favorites sharing, automatic sorting of favorites, simultaneous use of IE favorites.
  • Built-in RSS and favorites reader (works with RSS 1.0, 2.0), built-in RSS ticker, RSS feeds tree view, RSS pop-up notification, built-in RSS aggregator.
  • Reset features to default settings if you messed up, recovery features, automatic deletion of personal information.

I tested the latest version and got impressed by its overall features and functions. Just give it a try, you will like it too!

[ Download Lunascape Orion ]

System Requirements

Operating Systems Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/Server2003/Server2008
System Requires Internet Explorer 6 or later
System Environment Memory:1GB
(2GB or more is recommended)
Recommended Screen Resolution Minimum Resolution : SVGA(800 * 600)
Maximum Resolution : (1920 * 1200)

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