Download Free Ebook “Your Guide to Windows 7”

Windows 7 is very much different from Windows XP, even though it may resemble like Windows Vista. New users who have upgraded from the Windows XP world may find themselves at a loss. Microsoft in order help these users has made available for download a free resource accompanying the operating system. It’s a free ebook (.pdf) titled “Your Guide to Windows 7“.

Microsoft stated “Windows 7 might look and feel very different when you first use it. That’s why you’re turning to your IT department for help. They’ve listened to your questions and your needs and passed this information on to us. We thought about what help you would need and went away to produce this short guide. It’s designed to show some of the new features of Windows 7, as well as show you how you can do everyday tasks quickly and easily.”

Your Guide to Windows 7

Download “Your Guide to Windows 7” ebook

“Your Guide to Windows 7” covers the following aspects of the operating system:

  • Gadgets
  • Searching
  • Projector Mode
  • The new taskbar
  • Problems step recorder
  • Peek
  • Libraries
  • Windows Shortcut keys
  • Snap
  • Windows Troubleshooting & the Action Center

Download Your Guide to Windows 7

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