pCloud Brings Cloud Storage in an Innovative Form

Do you know which is the most secure, accessible, affordable and effective way to save your files? Unlike old days, it is not your hard drive, pen drive, CD or DVD that has been kept inside a safe locker! On the other hand, we will have to put cloud storage services in position of that answer, as those services help users to store and access files as well as documents from ANYWHERE around the globe with help of an internet connection. However, abundance of cloud storage services has made the selection an easier task, as there are variations in terms of pricing, features, etc. There is no need to be confused, by the way, as we have come up with review of a terrific cloud-based file storage service – pCloud. In our experience, pCloud managed to score best in all aspects, including accessibility, simplicity of UI, plans & pricing, etc. We hope, at the end of review, you will have a clear idea whether you should prefer pCloud to several competitors like Google Drive, OneDrive (earlier known as SkyDrive), Dropbox etc. First, as some of you might not be that familiar with the term ‘file-storage service’ or ‘cloud’, we will give an introduction about cloud file storage services and pCloud.

Disclosure: This post is a sponsored post to promote the service through our website. Our own review about the service will be posted on a later date.

An Introduction on Cloud File Storage and pCloud

Cloud File Storage

According to Wikipedia, Cloud storage service, which is often called file hosting service and online file storage, is one internet-based service that allows users to host their files. These files, regardless devices from which they have been uploaded, can be accessed from different devices such as Smartphones, Tablet PCs and indeed computers. Majority of these services offer several features such as file synchronization, file & folder sharing, which make cloud services the best choice when it comes to storing their files securely. So, we hope you’ve a clear idea about cloud storage and its features. And, now, we will go to pCloud.



At its base, pCloud is not different from Google Drive or Dropbox, because sole purpose of pCloud is to let users store and share their files with anyone on web. Yet, there are several instances and sections, where we felt pCloud is quite different from mentioned competitors, particularly focusing on aspect of productivity. As a typical representative of cloud storage services, pCloud offers support for multiple devices and operating systems, file sharing with registered users and public, top-level encryption to ensure security of your files, convenient plans to suit your requirement, etc. Well, the best part of this service is its free availability, which means you can grab your own pCloud account using your email ID. Despite not being pioneers of cloud storage market, as they said, pCloud is trying to build new models of cloud storage and related services that it can become the Tech World’s favourite in no time! We are very sure of the success of pCloud; we have been using pCloud for a while, and the company has implemented plethora of features in such a small time.

Now, we will share, what we managed to know about pCloud, with you so that you will have a clear idea how pCloud will be useful for you! First, we will have a look on storage space offered by pCloud as well as upgrade plans.

Free Storage Space

Simply put, pCloud offers a free file storage space of 10GB! Wait, it is only half of the story! Apart from this 10GB, it’s possible for you to upgrade storage space up to 20GB by paying nothing! There are different kinds of methods available to upgrade storage without spending money, such as following pCloud in social media, inviting your friends to use pCloud, subscribing to pCloud newsletter, using social media backup feature, and getting started with pCloud! If you’ve large number of followers, inviting friends will be the easiest way, as you will receive 1GB space upgrade for each friend or follower who joins pCloud using your link.


Although the company likes you to follow these extremely simple steps, pCloud offers huge storage space for free, particularly while we compare pCloud with other cloud storage services. However, as some of you might find this 20 GB insufficient, especially while using for professional purpose, we will check out upgrade plans of pCloud as well.

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