Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the best free antivirus available for Windows. It is without doubt the most popular antivirus solution among Windows users. With detection rate that matches the commercial security products, it is without doubt one of the best software made by Microsoft.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2 upgrade brings in many improvements and new features, including the most requested heuristic scanning engine. MSE 1’s protection relied too heavily upon definitions, which is not enough for today’s ever-changing advanced threats. But with heuristic scanning engine and other new improved features, MSE 2 is now giving tough competition to other free and paid products.

microsoft security essentials

MSE 2 also offers improved defense by better integrating with Windows. With better integration with Windows Firewall and Internet Explorer, MSE 2 offers increased protection against network and Web-based threats. A new network inspection feature is added which uses the Windows Filtering Platform present in Vista and Windows 7. Windows XP users will not get any benefit from this security feature.

MSE users should check their MSE update tab for an upgrade notification. Users can also download Microsoft Security Essentials 2 manually and install it over the old version.


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