Radiotracker 5 Platinum Review – The Ultimate Way to Get Legal MP3’s

Radiotracker_Synchronize_smallVERDICT: Radiotracker is the best, easy-to-use professional tool to convert Internet streams into MP3’s that allows editing tracks, give user-specific results, and provides good value for money.
FOR: Very simple and easy-to-use with most features just a click away, advanced features are easy to configure, huge built-in database of web radio stations and podcast, burn MP3’s easily, create ring-tones, synchronize with portable music players.
AGAINST: None in particular though some tracks were not perfectly ripped, they were clipped or the MP3’s fade-in incorrectly, but it’s not entirely Radiotracker’s fault.

Over the past few days I have been busy in expanding my music collection exponentially by ripping songs off the Internet legally for free using Radiotracker! Radiotracker is the ultimate tool for any music lover for recording music from over 70,000 artists, 20,000 Internet radio stations and around 80 different music genres with the unique features like Autorip, MusicFinder and more. You must be thinking if that is really legal? It is completely legit if you rip songs from web radio stations as long as you keep the music to your personal collection and not share it. You will find more information about this here if you are in doubt.

With Radiotracker’s Autorip feature, you will have to just select the desired genre and click on AutoRip and sit back while your hard disk is filled up with thousands of songs from your favourite artists or genre. Another nice feature of Radiotracker is that it automatically enhances most of the ripped songs with corresponding album cover art, lyrics, and track-specific information. You can also edit this information with easily using the in-built ID3 tag editor. The software also saves the tracks by organizing them into different folders according to your choice. You can sort them according to genre, station, artist, album or you can just leave them all without sorting! By default, only stations broadcasting at 128 Kbps or higher are recorded, but you can alter this to your liking. To test the Autorip feature, I selected Rock as the genre and clicked on Autorip, within seconds I found that Radiotracker automatically started ripping all the tracks from the Rock genre and I must say that I am very impressed by the end results.

Radiotracker_AutoripTo help music lovers further, Radiotracker features another great feature “wish list” which is combined with MusicFinder. Using the wish list is much more useful as it allows you to specify particular artists, tracks or albums that you would like to record. You can even find relatively obscure artists included in Radiotracker’s database. To test this feature I added four artists and clicked on Activate. The software started scanning through more than 2500 stations to find my desired music and saved them automatically when they are played in any web radio station.

If you like podcast then Radiotracker also have an extensive podcast database of more than 40000 audio podcast and around 7000 video podcast. Downloading podcast is very easy. You have to subscribe to the desired station and click on Activate to start downloading. Other features worth mentioning are MP3 synchronization with iPod, MP3 players or your mobile phone, Exporting track list to Windows Media Player, iTunes or Winamp, Burning the downloaded tracks to an Audio CD, MP3 CD or MP3 DVD, Creating ring-tones, Editing tracks, Editing ID3 tags and the built-in music player.

Raditracker is available in Premium and Platinum version, the Premium version lacks features like wish lists, MusicFinder, recording off social web radio sites. Radiotracker Premium version is priced at $26.90/€19.90 and Raditracker Platinum version is priced at $39.90/€29.90.

Good news for our readers, we are going to giveaway 3 genuine licenses of Radiotracker Platinum each worth $39.90/€29.90. The details of this giveaway will be posted in our next article. So stay tuned for the next article, follow us and also you can subscribe to our RSS feed or Email updates for free updates!

On a scale of 5, (1 for worst and 5 for best) My Technology Guide awards Radiotracker 4.5 out of 5. 4.5 stars

Disclaimer: Streaming audio recorders (software capable of recording audio streams) are intended for use as personal archiving tools only. Please respect the rights of the copyright holders of any audio material you record.

Update: The details of giveaway of 3 genuine licence of Radiotracker 5 Platinum edition will be posted at 6:00 am PTC (Pacific Time, US and Canada). So stay tuned! The Giveaway is up and running now! Visit here.

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