Radiotracker 5 Platinum Giveaway to 3 Lucky Subscribers

Radiotracker 5 Platinum, a product of RapidSolution Software, is the best selling most-often awarded Web radio MusicFinder and a great way to get legal MP3 music for free. We carried an extensive review of Radiotracker in our previous article, which you can read here.

From our own experience, it is the best software to get free legal music from the Internet with loads extras, features and customizations.


We are having 3 genuine licences for our email subscribers. If you are not a subscriber yet you can become one by clicking here. The rules to get into this contest is very simple:

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  2. Post a comment below with the same email address that you used to subscribe for our newsletters.
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Once you fulfill the first two requirements you are eligible for the lucky draw. The contest is open for everyone around the globe till 31st July, 12am PTC (Pacific Time (US and Canada) after which we will declare the winners here. The lucky winners will be chosen by using’s List Randomizer service.

Raditracker 5 Platinum is having all the features that Radiotracker 5 Premium lacks and is worth $39.90/€29.90. Premium version lacks features wish lists, MusicFinder, recording off social web radio sites. Wish list and MusicFinder is the most important feature if you really want to enjoy Radiotracker’s full capability.


Radiotracker Platinum’s MusicFinder finds the MP3 music you’re looking for
Innovative technology allows all Radiotrackers around the world to automatically inform each other about which Web radio stations are playing which music. More than 2000 Web radio stations are simultaneously and continuously monitored. When the music you want begins to play somewhere, your Radiotracker is automatically notified and immediately starts recording the songs on your wish list.

Radiotracker is the only Internet-radio recorder with a real MP3 MusicFinder
Radiotracker Platinum’s easy-to-use MusicFinder fulfills a musical wish on average every 25 seconds. Year-for-year, Radiotracker has received awards from international trade publications and is recognized by users all over the world as the proven solution for getting free music through the targeted recording of Internet radio stations.

70,000 artists, 20000 stations in the bag
Radiotracker Platinum’s integrated, always up-to-date database of the music played by 20,000 Internet radio stations is simply unmatched. Its convenient search function lets you find your favorite artists in seconds — and even other artists with similar styles — and quickly generate a wish list for the MusicFinder. Radiotracker Platinum fulfills a musical wish every 25 seconds on average — dependent on how well-known the artist is and how many Internet radio stations play the MP3 music title.

Lost track of the musical gaps in your collection? Radiotracker Platinum fills them in!
Radiotracker Platinum analyzes your existing music collection and generates a wish list containing the music titles that are missing for each artist. You can also ask Radiotracker to recommend similar music and artists. And while you’re listening to MP3 music in Radiotracker’s media player, one click is all that’s needed to add the corresponding artist to your wish list. If you’ve already used Autorip to record a lot of music from one genre, this is an unbeatable function for extending your collection quickly with more MP3 music from any specific artist you’d like to have. It couldn’t be easier.

The ultimate in flexibility — a wish list for every mood!
With Radiotracker, you can create an unlimited number of completely different wish lists, save them, manage them, upload them to the Community or even import them from there. You’ll always have the right music for every occasion, for example a romantic candle-light dinner, a summer party, Halloween, an all-night dance party or to make Christmas warm and festive. With Radiotracker, adding an extra level of enchantment to any occasion is as easy as a wish list.

Radiotracker uses the music you already have to avoid recording what you don’t need again
Radiotracker analyzes your existing music collection to ensure it only records music that you don’t have yet. You save the annoying process of having to sort out copies and always get the music titles you want. You can also manually insert individual artists directly into the filter to achieve even tighter control.

The highest-possible quality — for those who demand the best
Most music shops offer WMA and MP3 downloads at 128 kbit/s quality. Radiotracker currently tracks around 5,700 Internet radio stations that broadcast at this quality level and higher. In comparison with most music shops, Radiotracker lets you choose superior quality levels reaching as high as 192, 256 or even 320 kbit/s. With Radiotracker, you get the same MP3 music titles offered by the online shops in the equivalent or even higher quality — but everything you download is free! Radiotracker also automatically removes DJ talkover, and its audio studio helps you make any required touch-ups after-the-fact.

Update: Winners will be notified via their email after the contest closes on 31st July 2009, 12 am (Pacific Time, GMT -08:00, US & Canada) Thank you everyone who participated. Congratulations to the winners! Winners have received the licence key and instructions in their email. Please check your email.

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