Microsoft Office 2010 is no doubt a very popular office productivity suite. The software giant released three editions of Microsoft Office 2010. These three different retail editions of Office 2010 are Office Home and Student 2010, Office Home and Business 2010 and Office Professional 2010.

Office Home and Student 2010 is the most basic edition of the productivity suite which retails for $149.99. It includes the basic core Office modules which includes Microsoft Office Word 2010, Microsoft Office Excel 2010, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 and Microsoft Office OneNote 2010.

Office Home and Business 2010 retails for $279.95 and includes Microsoft Outlook 2010 on top of what is already offered in the basic edition.

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional edition retails for $499.95. This edition includes Microsoft Office Access 2010, Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 including all modules which are included in Office Home and Business 2010 edition.

Compare Office 2010 Retail editions

Get Free Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key (60-day trial)

Microsoft has discontinued giving away Office 2010 trial keys after the release of Office 2013 and Office 365. But there is still a way to get a free 60 days trial key for Office 2010 (continue reading for instructions).

Tip! You can rearm Microsoft Office 2010 up to four times thus you can run the productivity suite for 180 days.

Downloads Microsoft Office 2010 Trial Edition (Updated with new working links!)

microsoft office 2010 download

Note: You have to get a trial license key from Microsoft before you can install Office 2010 on your computer. Ask for your free Office 2010 free trial product key from here.
Try to download Microsoft Office 2010 using this backup download link.
If you want to test Microsoft Office 2013, click on the following link: Download a fully functional 60 day trial version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013

In our earlier post, we shared how to get Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 license for a 60 day trial version via TechNet center.

The Redmond software giant offers everyone to grab a free download of Microsoft Office 2010 trial versions. Customers can test the trial version of Office 2010 for 60 days before making up their mind in upgrading the office productivity suite. Trial downloads are available for all the three retail editions of Office 2010.

Try Microsoft Office 2010 Retail editions

UPDATE: The information below is now obsolete. Please check our page related to Microsoft Office for latest updates.
The direct download links of Office 2010 below no longer works.
  • Download Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 (X16-32007.exe):–NOA//office2010/X16-32007.exe
  • Download Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010 (X16-32007.exe)–NOA//office2010/X16-32007.exe
  • Download Microsoft Office Professional 2010 (X16-32007.exe)–NOA//office2010/X16-32007.exe

office 2010 key

At that website, click on the Try It Now button, it will lead you to Windows Live login form. You may have to fill your first name, last name and country before you receive Microsoft Office trial product key with download link.

A small FAQ about Microsoft Office trial version can be found here. Details about Office 2010 system requirements for all editions can be found here (archive link, original page not available any more).

If you want to test Office 2010 for more than 60 days, then you should take a look at the Office 2010 rearm instructions.

How To Use Microsoft Office 2010 for 180 days Free without Activating?

Share with us your views and thoughts about the new Office 2010 using the comments below.


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  1. I’m downloading microsoft words home and student 2010 but I’ ve notice that I dont recieve the product key.
    So the program will not work!!
    What do I have to do to get it?

  2. thinkz..! this sites because i direct download microsoft office 2010! but i dont know where my product key plz help me,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dave tamayao Reply

    i want to install ms office 2010 to my laptop.if it’s ok pls. send me a copy of the’s my email add **************

  4. wow…….
    I like it maybe I am try to Office Home and Business 2010

  5. Archie Bondoc Reply

    I have an old version. I would like to request to have MS Office 2010 on trial basis to see the differences.

  6. You can request your free Office 2010 free trial product key from the Microsoft Office

  7. Why is the download for Office Home and Student so slow. I downloaded for 2 hours and finally gave up.

  8. hi am loading the program i think if i instal that the trial hasnt ask the key product

  9. + good for revenues for M$! Shares go up, everybody happy!
    – What was wrong with Office 97? or 2000 or 2003 ? nothing. added value –> nothing.
    – What happened to programming? The program is huge like 500MB I could easily fit 10-100 operating systems in that same space.
    – There is a SP1 out. it is “merely” 500MB, that is as large as the entire installation 8-O.
    – Where in the love of god is project? oh, you can buy it separately or get it for free if you buy everything office has.
    – What in the world is onenote? Name me one usefull situation to use it! –> point made
    – Why is a laggy buggy out-dated access still included? Name me one use in a company where it is used efficiently –> good! i though so. clearly a legacy product that should be removed.

    • Are kidding me? What do you know about Office 2010? – nothing. Point made
      Onenote – I love it! Have you tried it? No.
      [Comment moderated by admin before approval]

  10. 100% genuine key office 2010


    MG***-*****-*****-*****-***** [Moderated]

  11. took about 8 hours to download and now it wants a key. *************************** !!!

  12. took about 8 hours to download and now it wants a key. ***************************** !!

  13. Use Open Office……better yet use Linux Mint and kick Windows junky products to the curb.

  14. what the heck? it took me 8 hours to download the trial, then it wants a trial key? where can I get it, I want to send an email but they don’t have any links to it

  15. Can’t find exactly where I need to go to request the product key on the website link you placed. I’ve looked all over the site and can’t find where to request it. Help!!!

    • As posted in the article, you can request your free Office 2010 free trial product key from the Microsoft Office website. Click on Try it Free button. You’ve to sign in using your Windows Live ID to get the free trial product key.

  16. I downloaded the trial version, with a product key. I saved the download in my download folder, but when I want to run it, it only gives me a pop up saying “The installation of this package failed” I haven’t had a prompt to type in any product key. tried Run as Administrator – didn’t work either. Any ideas?

    • Sounds like the downloaded file is corrupted. Please use a good download manager when downloading large files like this.

  17. just follow the instructions it was clearly executed…downloading time is normal slow ofcourse, got my product key already…thanks!

  18. lashonda clayton Reply

    I have downloaded the free trial however I am unable to get any further than that, what shall I do

    • You need to obtain a free trial key from Microsoft. See the article for details. After getting the trial key, proceed to install Microsoft Office.

      • your details don’t go to any product key page so stop telling people to follow unclear directions!!

  19. I have downloaded the free trial 60 days. I was asked for the product code. There is no way i can find the code. Are you able to send through email?

    • Please read the post, its already mentioned there:

      “You can ask for your free Office 2010 free trial product key from here.”

      • After having installed I notice that outlook 2010 is not installed! That is the main reason I wanted to install Office 2010. What can I do Mezanul? Thank you!

  20. i want a product key to install microsoft office 2010 trial version of 60 days

  21. Before you post any such questions please read the instructions on top of this page.
    If you don’t understand them, don’t use MS Office. It’s not for you.
    [Comment moderated by admin before approval]

  22. After having installed I notice that outlook 2010 is not installed! That is the main reason I wanted to install Office 2010. Background: I have a Office 2002 installed on my PC I cannot find my Office 2007 after viral clean up. My outlook data files are *.pst… What can I do Mezanul? Thank you!

  23. MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 i.e. MS 13 “S****”!!!
    Plz do not even try…. it’l destroy your faith on Microsoft!!
    Your system becomes slow.. and it keeps getting stuck while you are working on it… Out of no choice i hv uninstalled it twice.. with great difficulty!!

    My sincere request to MS – Office, Please work on it!!


  24. I have Microsoft office professional 2010 tried to install on my pc got stuck for two days never got it to work and I have a product key……………………Can anyone help

  25. didnt get a product key for the trial, plz email me the product key; thanks in advance

  26. hi am looking forward to using my download of Microsoft professional ( which I have downloaded) but have not received the product key to activate.. it has been downloaded since the 21st of December and wondering when I receive the key to activate

    • Hi Kelly,

      I hope you did requested for your free key from

  27. I have downloaded office 2010 – written in a product key but it stops me at “Program wants to change ur computer” message & sends me back to install & configure … a revolving state. I see in the “computer” hard drive – Office 2010 is there. What is wrong??

    • You have Mac, you need to download the Mac Version, if there is one. You cant download it unless you get a Windows computer or software. Thats one of the reasons I dont like Mac, but it’s my opinion.

  28. I need the product key but cant find how to get it from the Microsoft web site, any ideas or help please.


    i down loaded office 2010 professional so i cna finish some school work. It is a trial I found on line it has down loaded but now is asking for a product key well where is it? I have work to do?

    • Yeah They suck, Microsoft is pushing MS 2013 $ Office 365 so for that reason they are not helping anyone with any of it. I can Smell a Law suit

  30. Mark Krane Reply

    Well I think You dont want them to have the Product Key *****

    • Hello,

      Let me clear the misconception here that we are the one issuing the trial product key or we are the one hosting the ISO.

      The direct download link is an official direct download link. Regarding the product key, if Microsoft is not issuing trial product keys any more to its users, we can’t help either.

      • so do this free trial version not work anymore considering that it is asking for product key?

  31. ayychingado Reply

    Thanks for hosting the Home and Office 2010 file. Microsoft website doesn’t have it up on theirs anymore. (At least not that I was able to find.)

  32. Hersh Carey Reply

    I cannot find Product key. Why advertise as 60 day free trail, when it’s not true?

  33. Tired of MS and to cheap to go Reply

    open office is free from oracle….pfffftttt on MS

  34. Sinceable Realist Reply

    People are constantly complaining about not being able to access office 2010, for work, it must be a broke job that you have to download a free trial for work purposes. School to, how can you take classes when you know you will need it, it’s stupid not to know. We live in a cyber world, hello people!

    • I know how to spell sensible Reply

      Ever heard of the terms scholarship, grants, bursaries, or government funding??

  35. *****-*****-*****-*****-KKGMV
    THIS KEY SHOULD WORK — WHY? Because Microsoft is now pushing 2013 and 365 as hard as they can
    So if you still need 2010 **TRIAL** this key SHOULD hopefully work – I found it on a microsoft site!!!! — FORUM haha
    BTW I need it for college and I *JUST* used this key and I didn’t have a single issue – yet…

  36. BlondienFL Reply

    I downloaded Home and Business 2010 and does not work because I don’t have the product key.

  37. ย์ชณิวกฒัว สัวติธิ Reply

    pleasa give office

  38. SquirrellyOne Reply

    This procedure no longer works. The key given by Microsoft returns an error that says the key is not valid for the Office 2010 download.

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