Patch My PC Lets You Conveniently Update Windows, Third-Party Apps and More… [Windows]

Windows users knows the importance of keeping their Windows operating system up-to-date. After-all, Windows has security issues, errors, or bugs that are regularly addressed by Microsoft every month through Patch Tuesday. Occasionally the operating system also receives new features through these updates. But, the operating system is not only the weak point for malicious users and hackers to enter your computer system.

Today, malicious programmers have shifted their focus on third-party applications such as Adobe Flash and Java. The reason for shifting their focus on third-party applications from the operating system is most users seldom update their third-party software. It is the truth, and you all will agree with me. After all, have you every checked all your installed apps to see if they are up-to-date? The main problem lies in the way Windows software is delivered to end-users. Microsoft doesn’t have any control over third-party apps so they don’t offer updates for them through Windows Update.

Surely, the present scenario may change with the introduction of Microsoft’s own Software Store in Windows 8. But at present, users are at a fix if they want to keep all third-party apps updated. In OS X, Apple has Mac Store that helps users update third-party apps in one-click. Even in Linux, Ubuntu has Ubuntu Software Center, that also helps end users keep third-party apps up-to-date. But in Windows there is no such option.

Keeping tab with all the latest updates for each third-party application is a pain and takes time. Do you think its realistic to go through every installed apps you’ve got and install updates for them? Simply imagine the amount of time that would consume. Thankfully, there are some utilities that helps keep all installed apps updated. Earlier, I’ve shared 5 utilities that helps you keep all third-party software up-to-date. Today, I found another such application, called Patch My PC, which helps you manage and schedule Windows Updates, update commonly used applications. It also features tools like start-up manager and uninstaller.


Patch My PC is a portable freeware application. It helps users keep their Windows computer system secure by automatically updating third-party applications and installing Windows updates. Some of the common apps it will check for updates include Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe AIR, Apple QuickTime, Apple iTunes, Google Chrome, Microsoft Updates, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java Runtime, Skype, and more.

According to the official website, it can silently update 56 third-party applications. Additionally, Patch My PC lets you manage Windows start-up applications and lets you uninstall application from the operating system.

How to use Patch My PC to Manage Software Updates?

When you launch Patch My PC for the first time, you’ll see a list of the most common Windows applications that it can check and automatically update for you.


To check whether the software you’ve installed are out of date, click on the “Re-Check Software” button.


After the check is complete, you can click on the “Perform Updates” button and let Patch My PC do the job. If it encounters any problems or errors, it pauses and waits for you to fix the problem first. Once all the third-party apps and Windows operating system updates are done, you can work peacefully knowing that your computer system is completely patched and up to date.

Note: If you receive a dialog box asking you to uninstall old Java Runtime from your system before proceeding to update, you should click on Yes. Also, keep in mind to keep all browser windows closed before proceeding.


Patch My PC also supports other programs in addition to the most common ones displayed on the default list. To see them, just click on the “Other” tab. You can now browse through the additional list of apps that Patch My PC can update for you. Additionally, Patch My PC also helps you keep your Windows operating system up-to-date by managing Windows Updates for you.


The “Options” tab lets you customize the way Patch My PC scans your PC and updates software. You can also configure different update parameters like auto-update or auto-restart – with the different check boxes.

Another useful extra feature is the application lets you control Windows startup program list. It will help you speed up Windows boot process by disabling unneeded startup programs through the “Startup Items” tab. You can quickly enable, disable or delete items by right clicking on any item present in the list and making your choice.


Patch My PC also lets you easily uninstall applications from Windows. The “Uninstaller” tab gives you quick access to all installed programs. Simply right-click on the program you want to uninstall and select the desired uninstall process.


You can download Patch My PC from its official website.

How do you keep all your software up-to-date and patched? Do you use any software to manage updates? What do you think about Patch My PC? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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