Keep Your Windows Up To Date With These Utilities

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2 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Thanks for promoting SUMo.

    New version available :

  2. hans says:

    just downloaded sumo and secunia.

    sumo is nice but comes with adware stuff in the installer and a 2nd part of adware after the program is installed called “(something) pack”. the program itself is interesting but kind a stupid in the way it works. i give you an example:

    secunia found winamp / adobe flash with old versions and pressing a button “update” i got the new versions

    sumo on the other hand found several (not reported by secunia ) programs as old. iexplore version 10 preview (win7 ) appears to be old, but the new version that exists with a higher version number is only for win8 so useless notification. other programs winamp again notified i click update i get to a site from the owner of sumo, i click download and i get to google ? or filehippo search where if i try to find the version i get the same version i have and not the “advertised” version that sumo says is newer

    i will uninstall it and keep secunia

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