Easy, Quick To-Do List and Task Management with ShoutDone [Review]

Do you need help in your task management and keep your to-do list organized? Today, I’ll be looking at ShoutDone, a simple to-do list and task management software for Windows and Mac users.

This review will take a look at the design and task management functionality of ShoutDone, which may be of interest for many users. At the end of the review there’s a giveaway for all My Technology Guide readers.

Introduction: ShoutDone Task Management Software

ShoutDone is an Adobe AIR application for your task management needs. It comes in two flavors, freeware and professional. The professional edition lets you synchronize your tasks with your Evernote account. The freeware edition lacks the Evernote sync feature but has all other features as in the pro edition.

The application takes a different approach in task management. Instead of going the traditional way, the application displays colorful “task boxes,” which are ordered by priority, due date, profitability, etc…

ShoutDone Interface

The user interface of the application is simple. At first glance, it looks like a gray-black window with all required icons arranged neatly around the bottom-right position of it. The icons lack any kind text description. I had to rely on the tool-tips to figure out whats what.


Speaking about the tool-tips, I’ll add they really took too much time to appear. The developers should do something about the delay. I’ll also like it if the developers had provided text description just below the icons. It will be also nice, if the developers can offer some way to customize the theme. Grey-black background is not everyone’s cup of tea. Overall, a lot can be improved in the user interface front. Let’s see how the application actually performs.

Basic Functionality

The installation process was like any other Adobe AIR application installation. After installing, when you run the application, it asks you to register it online. Free users will need to give their name and email address to unlock the application permanently.

Let’s move on to see how to create and manage a simple task management list with ShoutDone.

To create a task, you need to click on the Plus icon, from the row of icons present at the bottom.


If any task is created which is not under any group (known as Project in ShoutDone), it is placed in the Inbox. You can create multiple tasks in one go by selecting the “Multiple Task” option.

If you need to edit, or delete, or flag, or push back deadline, or delegate to another person, or mark as completed any task, you just need to right-click on the task and select from the option. Once a task is marked complete, I couldn’t find it anywhere in the app, it just disappeared from the app. Not good if you want to see your completed tasks. Though I found out later, when you sync with Evernote you can see the task in Evernote.


All tasks are arranged based on due date, profitability and flag set by you. The “spotlight” view creates a “focus” on the most-important tasks, which the app likes to always keep at the top-left corner of the application window. The size of each “task box” depends on the estimated amount of time it would take to complete the task.

Each “task box” is also given colors based on the urgency of the task. For instance, the box is set a red if the task is due the same day. Profitable tasks are set yellow, since the task has any earning potential. If the owner of the task is someone else, it is set to blue.

The professional edition synchronizes all your tasks with Evernote. The app uses the prefix “SD-” for project names. I did a test by creating a simple note in one of “SD-” prefixed notebook at Evernote. After a few moments, the task appeared on the ShoutDone interface. Tasks can also be removed directly from Evernote interface and the changes will get reflected in ShoutDone.

Additionally, a simple countdown timer is also available. When the countdown time is up, it plays a sound which is similar to what you’ll hear when a telephone line is busy. You can change the sound from the application settings. A follow-on alert alarm can also be set with countdown timer, that starts running after the first timer is out, from the application settings.


ShoutDone is a good task management and to-do application for Windows and Mac users. The application features a unique user interface to help increase productivity. The application is a bit resource intensive, in my test RAM usage hovered around 60 MB to 90 MB. For most users, the freeware version will be more than enough if you don’t need the Evernote sync features.

I would have liked more sync options like Google Tasks sync and not just Evernote. The Pro version costs $37, you’ll receive a three computer license, Evernote integration and priority technical support.

ShoutDone Giveaway

Shout Internet Ltd., the developers of ShoutDone has been generous enough to offer 5 Pro license keys, each valued at $37 for My Technology Guide readers.

Simply use your email address or your Facebook account to enter the giveaway using the widget below. Additionally, you can increase your chances by earning points when you do certain tasks in the widget.

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