Mozilla Thunderbird Includes Critical Security Update

mozilla thunderbird

The Mozilla Thunderbird development team has released an important update for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client. This upgrade includes one critical security fix that was reported by security researcher Dan Kaminsky. Compromise of SSL-protected communication vulnerability allows an attacker to … [Read more...]

Get USB Safely Remove 4.1 Lifetime License Registration Key Code For Free


USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager. It saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash drives, portable drives, card readers and other gadgets.¬†The main disadvantage of using built-in Windows safe removal tool is that in case of having several hot-plug devices it is quite … [Read more...]

How to Disable or Turn Off CD or DVD Burning Support and Stop Disc Tray from Auto Eject in Windows 7

Windows 7 like Vista and XP inherits supports disk burning feature. This will come handy when you are not having any 3rd party disk burning software installed. If you are having a CD-DVD burning software like Nero or other similar applications installed then it makes sense in disabling the in-built … [Read more...]

Keep Your Windows Up To Date With These Utilities

To keep our PC secure, we all install different security software and patch our Windows regularly. Installing the latest software updates is also very essential from the Security point of view. Not only will it improve its functionality but it also gets rid of any bugs or security loop holes that … [Read more...]

Get Mamutu Malware Blocker 1 Year Licence Worth US $27 For Free From Gizmos


Emsisoft, the makers of the highly regarded a-Squared anti-malware scanner are offering a free 12 month license for their "Mamutu" behavior blocker exclusively to Gizmo Freeware readers. Mamutu is a behavior based malware blocker from¬†Emsisoft, the makers of the highly regarded a-Squared … [Read more...]

Download Free Ebook – Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference


Are you starting or planning to start using Ubuntu or are an entirely new Linux user and Ubuntu is your choice? Here's something which should be very helpful for you. I am talking here about the Ubuntu Pocket Guide and Reference book. It is the ultimate book that you can refer to. Its written by … [Read more...]

VLC Media Player Keyboard Shortcuts


VLC Media Player is one of my favorite media player. It is one of the best media player which is available, can play any media that you throw at it! I know that it doesn't need any new introduction, so today I am sharing with you the full keyboard shortcuts that I know and use. You don't have to be … [Read more...]

Common Windows BSOD Error Messages and Suggested Solution – Part II

I hope the first part of this series was helpful for you in troubleshooting Windows bluescreen of death. As promised, this is the continuation of the previous part of "Common Windows BSOD Error Messages and Suggested Solution". Stop Code: STOP 0x0000007F UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP Source: This … [Read more...]

Common Windows BSOD Error Messages and Suggested Solution – Part I


In my previous post Troubleshoot Windows Blue Screen of Death, I wrote about how to stop the random Windows restarts and note down the BSOD error codes. This helps in solving the problem that caused Windows blue screen of death (BSOD). Today I am sharing some of the most common STOP Messages along … [Read more...]

Mac OS X – Simple Tips and Tricks


Today, I am going to share with you some simple yet very productive tips and tricks for Apple Mac OS X. I hope you will find them useful as I have and if you know some more tips or tricks then don't hesitate to share it with us! :) Simple Tips for taking screenshots in Mac OS X Unlike Windows, … [Read more...]