Easily Take Ownership Of Any File, Folder In Windows Using Rizone Ownership

Starting from Windows Vista, then in Windows 7 and moving all the way to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Microsoft has increased security of its operating system with a lot of changes since moving on from Windows XP. Strengthening security is a very good thing but it may also cause problems in normal day-to-day uses. The UAC prompts, the access denied messages and more causes frustration among many Windows users. Before you start thinking that we are opposing stringent security measure, let us clear that we are not. In fact we like that Microsoft is working harder to keep Windows users safe. Some of the restrictions implemented in the recent Windows versions are there so that users don’t delete any system files or folders accidentally. Windows protects important files and folders by not allowing users mess around files of another user on the same PC. All well until an advanced user or a computer technician need to access, modify or delete such files or folders to troubleshoot Windows or tweak Windows. If you fall into this category of users you must be already aware that you need to first take ownership of the file(s) or folder(s) first before you can do anything with them. Instead of getting frustrated by errors like “Permission Denied” or take a tiresome process of editing Windows Registry, you should try  app. The Rizonesoft Ownership (formerly known as Rizone Take Ownership Shell Extension) is a freeware application to make things easy.

Take ownership of any file or folder using Rizonesoft Ownership

The Rizonesoft Ownership application lets you easily take ownership of any file or folder. You no longer have to take risk fiddling with the Windows Registry and mess up the operating system. Here’s how to use it properly to take control of Windows in your own hands.

  • First thing first. Visit the website of the developer to download the app on your computer.
  • Extract the folder “Ownership” present inside the zip archive you just downloaded.
  • Launch either Ownership.exe (if you have 32-bit Windows) or Ownership64Bit.exe (if you have 64-bit Windows). You will get a UAC prompt to allow opening of the app. Allow it to see the “Install” button. Click on it to do to the next step.

Take Ownership Using Rizonesoft Ownership App

  • After installation, when you right-click on Windows Explorer over any file or folder, you should see a new entry titled Take Ownership.

Take Ownership of files or folders using right-click context menu

  • If you want to remove the Take Ownership entry from the context menu, you don’t need to worry. Simply launch the Rizone Ownership app again.

Take Ownership of files or folders using right-click context menu

  • You should see that the Install button is missing now. The button now says Uninstall. Simply click on it to remove Take Ownership context-menu entry from your Windows PC.

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