So you got the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Wondering how to enable the new Dark theme? Here’s a step by step guide on how to enable Dark theme in the new Anniversary Update.

Are you someone who finds the default theme too bright? Are you looking for a darker theme? If your answer is “yes” to those questions, then you will definitely like the new Dark mode that came with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Every year in April, the Earth Day is celebrated worldwide to increase awareness of our planet’s natural environment. Microsoft has also joined the celebration by releasing some fresh and beautiful Windows themes.

The official Windows Experience Blog has posted the themes along with a brief introduction about the Arbor Day (or Earth Day, as we all know today). Jennifer Shepherd on Windows Experience Blog posted that “the first Arbor Day was held in Nebraska 140 years ago; by some accounts nearly a million trees were planted that day.”

Go green and adore our wonderful planet Earth with the latest Windows themes and celebrate Earth Day. Simply click on the download link along each themes description.

Gmail team has finally released Gmail’s new look. Gmail new look was earlier available through two themes namely, Preview and Preview (dense).

Gmail’s new looks seems to be one more stepping stone towards bringing a consistent look throughout all Google products after the launch of Google+ (Google Plus). This new look features Streamlined conversations, Elastic density, New HD themes, Smarter navigation and Better search.

How to switch to Gmail’s New Look?

The new look is available to everyone and is now a opt-in feature. You will find a link to switch to the new look in your Gmail. If you don’t see the link to switch simply refresh Gmail once. Personally we liked the new look and features very much.

Microsoft releases new themes for Windows 7 users occasionally. Up until now, Microsoft has already released 140+ themes in 9 different categories. The categories includes (in alphabetical order): Animals, Art, Automotive, Branded, Games, Holidays and Seasons, Movies, Nature, Places and Landscapes. Before downloading, you can preview themepacks for Windows 7 using Bing Visual Search. Windows 7 themes can only be used in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

We are starting a new “Hive-Five Friday” series, where we will pick the best five of anything related to tech or everyday computing and write about it. For this week, we have selected the best 5 themepacks for Windows 7 which will keep your desktop lively.

Below you will find the themepacks, some overview of them, links including the preview of the theme pack, download, etc.

Do you like the new Windows 8 Metro UI or the Windows 7 Phone Interface? If you like it and want to transform your Windows desktop to the new look, Omnimo UI. Using Omnimo UI you can now enjoy the tile based Windows 8 layout, Microsoft showed off at the D9 conference.

If you joined later, Windows 8 supports two types of applications; Classic desktop Windows apps and HTML5 web apps. Microsoft’s new start screen includes easy touch icons to allow users of touch based devices to easily navigate through the operating system. The user interface and new apps will work with or without a keyboard and mouse on a broad range of screen sizes and pixel densities, from small slates to laptops, desktops, all-in-ones, and even classroom-sized displays.

WordPress 3.2 is almost ready for the limelight. It’s expected to be released within this week.

According to the latest blog post at WordPress.org, WordPress 3.2 is going to be released very soon, within this week. Are you ready for the major version yet?

WordPress 3.2 is a major release coming with many new features and a complete new Admin layout. Other notable changes coming in WordPress 3.2 are Distraction Free Writing and the brand new Twenty Eleven Theme.

CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) is based on Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) from Google. It not only brings Gingerbread, but includes additional great features like sending canned SMS responses with a gesture, incognito browsing, a new simple theme engine and smaller tweaks like being able to play and pause music with the camera button. Other cool new features include built-in CPU clocking, a “phone goggles” feature, which, like Gmail’s Mail Goggles feature, prevents you from sending unwanted SMS messages by making you do simple math problems.

CM is currently providing support for 30 devices. There are a few CM6 features that aren’t part of CM7 yet, but they are in the queue for 7.1 already. Check out the full changelog for detailed information about what’s included in this release.

Microsoft has come up with some really cool themes for Windows 7 users, and the latest one is really awesome. The theme is a collection of nature photographs taken by Microsoft blogger Mike Swanson.

Unlike the other Windows 7 themes which are a collection of nature photographs that I’ve downloaded before, this one is really of very high quality! The images are all 1920×1200 in resolution and if you have a LCD panel that can produce such resolution, this theme looks stunningly fantastic in it. The collection consists of 16 most gorgeous nature photographs taken by Mike Swanson.

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Please help us out by letting us know in the comments if you find anything not working and we’ll squash all the bugs asap! We would of course also like to listen to your opinion about the new theme. :)