Best Windows 7 Themes by Microsoft For This Week [Hive-Five Friday]

Microsoft releases new themes for Windows 7 users occasionally. Up until now, Microsoft has already released 140+ themes in 9 different categories. The categories includes (in alphabetical order): Animals, Art, Automotive, Branded, Games, Holidays and Seasons, Movies, Nature, Places and Landscapes. Before downloading, you can preview themepacks for Windows 7 using Bing Visual Search. Windows 7 themes can only be used in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate editions.

We are starting a new “Hive-Five Friday” series, where we will pick the best five of anything related to tech or everyday computing and write about it. For this week, we have selected the best 5 themepacks for Windows 7 which will keep your desktop lively.

Below you will find the themepacks, some overview of them, links including the preview of the theme pack, download, etc.

1. Angry Birds Windows 7 Themepack

They have no wings. Their eggs have been stolen by pigs. So, yeah, they’re pretty angry. Contemplate their mood at length with our free Angry Birds theme for Windows 7.

Angry Birds Theme for all fans of the most popular game available to almost all platforms!


Details | Preview | Download

2. Naruto Shippuden 5 Windows 7 Themepack

Naruto in prison? The manga and anime star finds himself incarcerated and at the mercy of the master criminal Mui in Naruto Shippūden 5: Blood Prison. This free theme for Windows 7 features a series of wallpapers from the movie. A must for the discerning Naruto superfan!

For all Naruto fans out there, official Naruto Shippuden 5 theme pack!


Details | Preview | Download

3. Transformers 3 Windows 7 Themepack

A mysterious event from the past erupting into the present. A war so big it threatens the entire Earth. This time, the Transformers alone won’t be able to save us. Celebrate the release of Michael Bay’s new Paramount Pictures release Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D—starring Shia LaBeouf as Sam Witwicky—with this free theme for Windows 7.

Transformers 3 official theme pack for Windows users!


Details | Preview | Download

4. Echoes of the Past Windows 7 Themepack

Time-travel back to the Age of Steam with a treasure-trove of antique images bathed in a golden Victorian light. A free theme for Windows 7.

One of the best theme pack and one of our favorites too!


Details | Preview | Download

5. GTGraphics Windows 7 Themepack

Send your desktop to the furthest reaches of the universe with these fantastic photorealistic images of distant planets and outer space events by GTGraphics in this free Windows 7 theme.

For satisfying your Sci-Fi thirst!


Details | Preview | Download

That’s all for this weeks Hive-Five Friday! We hope you will enjoy these themepacks as much as we do. Share your favorite themepacks with us below and tell us how much you like these.

P.S. What do you want to see in the next Hive-Five Friday? Share with us below and let us know. We will love to write about it.

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