Windows 8 Logon Welcome Screen Leaked

In our earlier article, we posted lots of leaked screenshots of Windows 8. The screenshot comes courtesy of Within Windows and shows the current state of the Windows 8 login screen. Windows 8’s new login screen has a full-screen background image similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7 but it shows more details not displayed in the earlier version of Windows system.

Windows 8 login screen shows system date and time along with the day of week. It also shows power button and ease of access button but the Power button is only visible on portable machines. It also seems that Windows 8 users will be able to easily change the logon screen without using any third-party tools or registry tweaks. Users will also be able to set their own custom picture as welcome screen background. This particular screenshot shows the CTRL + ALT + DELETE login option. The tablet version of the welcome screen is expected to allow users to log in by swiping a pattern on the screen, which is very similar to the way you do in Android devices.

We have seen a lot of speculations that Microsoft is planning on bringing bits of Windows Phone 7’s Metro UI to Windows 8, but we haven’t seen a lot of really telling evidence. However, with the Windows 8 milestone 3 build now available to Microsoft Connect partners, it was really just a matter of time before we started to get a peek. The overall look and feel has the Metro design language which is expected to be carried throughout the entire Windows 8 platform.

Following is a screenshot showing Windows 8 login screen:

Windows 8 LogonUI

As you can see in the screenshot, the typography used is very much of Metro UI.

Please note that this is a leaked Logon user interface picture of a pre-beta build. So, naturally expect changes in the later versions like Beta, Release Candidate, or final RTM version of Windows 8. Windows 8 is expected to enter beta, possibly as soon as this fall, with OEM availability in late 2012 and possible retail availability in January 2013.

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