hard disk backup


Performing any tasks related to hard disk is a daunting task for majority of computer users. All operating systems are equipped with a built-in disk management software that provides basic functions like creating new partitions or deleting existing ones. Microsoft Windows is no exception here. The flagship operating system by Microsoft comes bundled with a Disk Management function accessible from the Computer Management window. It provides very basic functions like create new partition, delete partition, etc. What if you need to do some advance tasks like splitting an existing partition or resizing one? Truly speaking, not everyone wants to invest money to buy some expensive software that they are going to use very less. How about if we tell about a software which does more than what you want and still is free? Here, we are going to review AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. It’s a freeware hard disk management software for Windows that has some impressive features under its sleeve. Enough of talking, lets dive in to find out how it performs in our tests.

The award-winning server backup software by Novosoft LLC, Handy Backup Server is designed specially for centralized backup of enterprise networks. The program consists of a server part and client workstations. This software works well on windows server backup (including Windows 2008, 2003, 2000 Server), performing client-server backup scheme.

To protect your business from loss of critical data and to set you free from routine actions like manual backup and sync, Handy Backup Server has the following features:

logo_1Just released Windows 7 flooded Internet with reports on the new operating system installation, discussions and Windows 7 installation tips. Microsoft guys learned from mistakes of Windows Vista and have made every effort to please everybody with this newly fledged operating system. And it must be said, it is quite successful – reviews entirely positive, everybody is happy and in a hurry to share impressions from the installation and operation. Windows 7 corrected many well-known Vista issues as the annoying User Access Control (UAC) and the compatibility problems with several hardware components in Windows 7, and they also added useful additional functions to Windows Aero.

Everybody knows that installing a new operating system always requires attention, careful preparation and planning. Frequent cases of irretrievable loss of data takes place when moving or upgrading from one operating system to installing of a new operating system. Regardless of whether you have already managed to install a new system or just want, in your best interest to remember about data security. Handy Backup is award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software, which will help to secure a migration to Windows 7, and then insure your already installed Windows 7 against loss of data.