Handy Backup Server – Reliable Backup Solution for Enterprise Network

The award-winning server backup software by Novosoft LLC, Handy Backup Server is designed specially for centralized backup of enterprise networks. The program consists of a server part and client workstations. This software works well on windows server backup (including Windows 2008, 2003, 2000 Server), performing client-server backup scheme.

To protect your business from loss of critical data and to set you free from routine actions like manual backup and sync, Handy Backup Server has the following features:


  • Centralized backup: This can help you to organize the best backup management. All backup operations in the network can be performed by one person from the central server. Your employees may even be not aware that their work is backed up!
  • Database backup: Handy Backup Server has a lot of functions for database backup. The utility is able to run backup of most popular ODBC-compatible databases: MS SQL Server backup, MySQL, DB2, Oracle, InterBase backup and other.
  • Exchange server backup: Microsoft Exchange mail server is used by most companies today, which means that a lot of important data is stored in Exchange Server. Handy Backup Server will allow you to easily back up, synchronize and restore email, calendars and other data.
  • Backup to FTP server: There’s no doubt that remote data storage is more secure than a local one. This program will help you to back up your data to FTP/SFTP server — either your own or the special backup server in a secure data center.
  • Automatic backup: The flexible scheduler gives you an opportunity to run your backup tasks automatically with any suitable time.
  • Windows service: Handy Backup Workstations run as windows service, providing the administrator access to back up all users’ data without them being logged in.
  • Multi-threaded backup engine provides fast backups without interfering users’ activity.
  • One-way and two-ways synchronization. You can easily synchronize folders and files between computers in the network.
  • Encryption, compression, masks, filtering. These and many other additional functions will help you to achieve the perfect backup strategy without any difficulties.

To learn more about Handy Backup Server functionality please visit the official website: Handy Backup.

A free 30-days trial including all features is here: Download Handy Backup Server.

Some information about Novosoft LLC:

Novosoft LLC was established in 1992. During the years of successful work this company has gained a good reputation and recognition of users throughout the world. Today Novosoft LLC is a prominent developer of computer and server backup software for home users as well as for small and middle-sized enterprises. The key product of the company — Handy Backup — is present in three major editions meeting every user’s needs: Handy Backup Standard, Handy Backup Professional and Handy Backup Server. Depending on individual needs there are different customer solutions based on flexible plug-in system.

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