Secure Migration to Windows 7 with Handy Backup

logo_1Just released Windows 7 flooded Internet with reports on the new operating system installation, discussions and Windows 7 installation tips. Microsoft guys learned from mistakes of Windows Vista and have made every effort to please everybody with this newly fledged operating system. And it must be said, it is quite successful – reviews entirely positive, everybody is happy and in a hurry to share impressions from the installation and operation. Windows 7 corrected many well-known Vista issues as the annoying User Access Control (UAC) and the compatibility problems with several hardware components in Windows 7, and they also added useful additional functions to Windows Aero.

Everybody knows that installing a new operating system always requires attention, careful preparation and planning. Frequent cases of irretrievable loss of data takes place when moving or upgrading from one operating system to installing of a new operating system. Regardless of whether you have already managed to install a new system or just want, in your best interest to remember about data security. Handy Backup is award-winning data backup and disaster recovery software, which will help to secure a migration to Windows 7, and then insure your already installed Windows 7 against loss of data.


You probably know that Windows 7 developers strongly recommend installing the system from scratch, on a clean hard disk, instead of upgrading your system. Backing up your data from your old operating system in such a case is very essential. Handy Backup allows you to move your documents, applications and their settings into the new system unchanged, including:

  • “My Documents” folder with the entire structure of files and folders.
  • Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox favorites and settings.
  • E-mail, including Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird and The Bat!, with all messages, accounts, address books, etc.
  • A number of popular applications like Adobe Photoshop, Dream Weaver, QIP, Skype, Total Commander and other.
  • Database backup including MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and many others.

Data backup and recovery software Handy Backup is extremely easy to use and reliable. Moving favorite programs to the new system is intact and quite able to beginner, even if it comes to migration of databases. You need to install software, create and run backup jobs, indicating what you want to back up, and where. The program supports backup on all common media and removable devices (CD / DVD, USB flash, HDD, FTP / LAN). Just in case, you can copy a distribution of Handy Backup to the backup media.

You can install Windows 7 very fast using a USB Bootable Flash drive instead of using the installation DVD media. You can learn how to create a USB flash drive to install Windows 7 here. We all agree that Windows 7 runs surprisingly smooth and quick even on average machines. It also works a bit faster than Vista does.

Handy Backup is one of the first holders of the Microsoft certificate “Compatible with Windows 7” and certificate “Works on Windows Vista”, so application feels quite well both in the new operating environment, and the old. You have to install the program from the product website or from backup media. I must say that the connection problems should not occur, because Windows 7 connects to the Internet through a couple of seconds after the first boot without any user intervention, and this is another advantage, which Vista could not boast.

Once you install Handy Backup, connect the backup media, create the task of restoring data from the specified destination and run it. In a few minutes all your documents, applications with all the settings and databases will be in a new place without the slightest change, and fully ready to work. In addition to the automatic transfer of documents, the experts will appreciate the ability not to set up email accounts, graphics editors and database management systems, which could take several hours or even days without using the backup program.

You can download a full-featured 30-days trial by clicking the following link:

Download Handy Backup ]

[ Download Handy Backup User Manual in PDF ]

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