google chrome tips


Google Chrome 52 for both Windows and Mac comes with a new Material design look. This new user interface is flat with a number of icons changed. You will notice that the tab shapes, icons, the omnibox are all changed. Thankfully, Google kept an option to get back to the old design if you do not like the new one. Here’s how to get Chrome‘s old look back replacing the new Material design user interface.

Google Chrome is another milestone in Google’s grand plans of world domination – and they are finding very few people who complain. Google Chrome is an extremely fast and lightweight web browser. It packs in a ton of features in a very minimal interface. The web browser also introduces some novel ideas to change the traditional way of web browsing. These ideas will surely change how people browse the Internet. Redefining everything, Google Chrome is challenging every dominant web browser. For instance, in Google Chrome, the top bar and the menu bar have been omitted completely, leaving a rather large space for web browsing. Here are a few quick tips to help all new Google Chrome users.

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and light weight browser. Then, why not take the full potential of Chrome by using these keyboard shortcuts and surf the Internet much more faster? Below are the keyboard shortcuts and Easter eggs present in Google Chrome:

To open Google Chrome Task Manager press Shift + Esc.
To open a New Incognito Window press Ctrl + Shift + N.
To reopen the Last Closed Tab press Ctrl + Shift + T.
Switch Tab (From Left to Right) Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8. You can also switch Tab by pressing Ctrl + Tab. You can also switch directly to the last tab by pressing Ctrl + 9 or by pressing Ctrl + Page Down. If you want to go to the previous Tab press Ctrl + Shift + Tab.