Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts and Easter Eggs

Google Chrome is one of the fastest and light weight browser. Then, why not take the full potential of Chrome by using these keyboard shortcuts and surf the Internet much more faster? Below are the keyboard shortcuts and Easter eggs present in Google Chrome:

To open Google Chrome Task Manager press Shift + Esc.
To open a New Incognito Window press Ctrl + Shift + N.
To reopen the Last Closed Tab press Ctrl + Shift + T.
Switch Tab (From Left to Right) Ctrl + 1 to Ctrl + 8. You can also switch Tab by pressing Ctrl + Tab. You can also switch directly to the last tab by pressing Ctrl + 9 or by pressing Ctrl + Page Down. If you want to go to the previous Tab press Ctrl + Shift + Tab.
If you want to open the Home Page, press Alt + Home.
To open a link in a new Tab, press Ctrl and then clicking on the link.
If you press Shift and then click on a link, the link will open in a new window.
Pressing the Spacebar will scroll down the web page.
If you want to Bookmark this page or any other page, just press Ctrl + D.
To access the Bookmarks, press Ctrl + B.
To access the Downloads Tab press Ctrl + J.
To access History press Ctrl + H.
To view the Page Source, press Ctrl + U. You can also view any webpage’s source without visiting the webpage first by typing view-source: at the address bar and press Enter. For example, if you want to view Google’s homepage source without visiting Google first, type, view-source: and press Enter.
To Print a page press Ctrl + P.
To Refresh Page press F5.
To Refresh both Page & Cache press Ctrl + F5.
To go Back press Alt + Left Arrow.
To go Down by one line press Down Arrow.
To go Down by one page press Page Down.
To go Up by one line press Up Arrow.
To go Up by one page press Page Up.
To open a File press Ctrl + O.
To Find something in a page press Ctrl + F.
To go Forward a page press Alt + Right Arrow.
To go to the Address Bar press Ctrl + L.
To go to the Search Bar press Ctrl + K.
To go to the Bottom of the webpage press End.
To go to the Top of the webpage press Home.
To Stop loading a page press Esc.
To close the current Tab press Ctrl + W.
To open a new Tab press Ctrl + T.
To close Google Chrome window press Alt + F4. Though this shortcut will close any open window in Windows ;)
To open a new Google Chrome window press Ctrl + N.
To decrease the text size press Ctrl + and to increase the text size press Ctrl + +. To get back to the default size, press Ctrl + 0

You know these shortcuts already!

Press Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + X to cut, Del to delete, Ctrl + Z to undo.

These hidden commands are meant to be typed in the Google Chrome address bar, after typing, press Enter:

  • about:network
  • about:internets
  • about:histograms
  • about:memory
  • about:dns
  • about:stats
  • about:cache
  • about:stats
  • about:plugins
  • about:histograms
  • about:ipc
  • about:histograms/Loop
  • about:version
  • about:crash
  • about:objects
  • about:%
  • about:hang

The last one is our favorite! Check it yourself to see why! ;)

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