boot loader


Microsoft introduced a new boot loaderBoot Options Menu” since the release of Windows 8 that decreased the boot time much. The new boot loader remains even in Windows 10. Unfortunately, while doing so Microsoft removed the function that allowed access to the Advanced Boot Options when you press F8 key when Windows boots. This means you cannot quickly access the Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key when Windows boots. Instead, you have to go the other way round to access Windows Safe Mode. You need to either start Windows 10 (or Windows 8.1/8) and then use the Settings app to restart into safe mode or if Windows fails to start, Windows will reboot again into safe mode. It does not matter how you do it but it is no longer a single step operation. It now involves 2 or 3 steps to access the Windows 10 Safe Mode.

My friend called me yesterday to help him in getting back Windows 7 in the boot menu. What he did was, repair his Windows XP installation and now after repair he cannot find Windows 7 in the boot menu. Now, he was having a dual-boot configuration with Windows XP and Windows 7. The problem that he was facing is very common and every user who is having a similar dual-boot configuration also faces this problem when they try to repair or reinstall an older Windows version.

If you install Windows 7 or Windows Vista as a second operating system on a computer system where Windows XP is already installed, the Windows boot menu incorporates the options from the older boot menu. But, let us suppose, if you install a fresh copy of Windows XP or on a system that is already running Windows 7, Windows will overwrite the MBR with the old one that doesn’t recognize the Windows 7 boot loader. Each time you install any version of Windows, it rewrites the MBR to call its own boot loader.

If you dual-boot or multi-boot your PC, then it might be sometime a daunting task to edit and change the boot loader entries. But there are some utilities available for both Windows and Linux platforms that makes this daunting task easy.

EasyBCD is one such freeware utility available for the Windows platform, that helps you to take control of your boot loader easily. EasyBCD lets you customize your Windows Vista or Windows 7 boot loader settings easily. Using EasyBCD, setting up and configuring dual-boot or multi-boot options between Windows 7, Windows Vista, older editions of Windows like Windows XP & Windows 2003, Linux distros like Ubuntu, BSD, and even Apple Mac OS X is an easy task.