Microsoft will officially replace “Project Spartan” with Microsoft Edge in the next upcoming Windows 10 build. The next build will be first available to Windows Insiders who are in the Fast ring. When Microsoft announced the successor of Internet Explorer, they officially titled the new web browser as Project Spartan. As the release date of Windows 10 is nearing, the software giant has finally decided to officially give Spartan web browser the new name Microsoft Edge.

Every other day we hear news about reputed websites being hacked or user data are stolen. Although a normal user won’t be able to find out about the security practices used by their favorite websites like Dropbox, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc. But as a user they should definitely try to keep their own passwords strong and unique for each websites. This way, even if one site gets hacked, you can be sure that your other online accounts are safe. You may say, okay that’s a good suggestion but it’s insane to even trying to remember all unique username and passwords combinations for each websites. Well, that’s why we have password managers to do the task and save us. Sticky Password is one such password manager application which promises to keep your passwords safe, secure and organized. Let’s dive in and see if Sticky Password is really worthy or not. In the end there’s also a giveaway exclusively for all My Technology Guide readers.

Apple has released iOS 6 update for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPod Touch 5th gen and iPod Touch 4th gen. iOS 6 update includes a number of new features and refinements. The new iOS 6 update removes Google Maps and now includes Apple Maps app with 3D maps and turn-by-turn navigation, new Siri capabilities (now supports devices like iPad 3), Facebook integration, Shared Photo Streams, FaceTime improvements and a lot more. You can upgrade your compatible iOS device easily by using either of the three methods described in this article. But first you should back up your iOS device before your install the update. More details after the break.

OutlookAddressBookView, is a portable application for the Windows platform. With the help of OutlookAddressBookView app, Outlook users can view the details of all recipients stored in their Microsoft Outlook address book. The application displays all fields of a contact in a tabular format which is easy to read. It supports both IMAP and Microsoft Exchange accounts.

OutlookAddressBookView can read and display additional contact information for configured Microsoft Exchange accounts such as Address Type, Contact Created/Modified Time etc. You can export the contact list(s) in XML and CSV, HTML, tab-delimited and comma-delimited file format. If you want to export only some selected recipients contact details from the list to local/remote location, you can also do so. The freeware application is developed by NirSoft. We have already covered here some very good portable application from NirSoft like WhatInStartupCleanAfterMeWebSiteSniffer and RunAsDate. More details after the break.

Windows 8 comes with its own built-in backup function, titled, File History. File History automatically backs up your Desktop, Libraries, Contacts, IE Favorites, and Microsoft SkyDrive. If you ever lose data due to some mishap or change any file content stored in one of these locations, you can use File History to restore back the data. We’ll discuss more about File History in another dedicated article. Today, we will look at Paragon Image Backup for Windows 8.

As the release of Windows 8 is coming near, Paragon Software has released Image Backup for Windows 8, a simple backup software, which is probably also the first of its kind to support Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft’s new Resilient File System, ReFS.

Google Drive launched with a very competitively cheap cloud storage price and 5 GB free storage space. Now the free space offered by Google Drive is 15 GB. Until the launch of Google Drive, Dropbox was considered (is still considered a strong competitor and I am going to stick with them) by many as the hands down winner in the cloud storage service provider. With some of its unique features which were not provided by the competition than, Dropbox was adopted by the masses soon. After the launch of Dropbox, some services did came up that offered quite similar feature sets, like SugarSync, but for some reason, they were not that much popular.

We all know how important digital data backup is. It is the most smartest activity by any person owning a computer system including anything that stores data digitally. What is more blessing than the fact that cloud storage is now coming free or very cheap? If you are opting for the free service, than the only investment you are doing is for getting a good unlimited Internet connection. Even if you are opting to pay for getting more cloud storage space, the advantage of getting access to your data from anywhere overcomes it. Thanks to the increasing number of cloud storage services and the intense competition among these services, you can now get “virtually” unlimited storage for just a few bucks per month. Continue reading after the break to see five best cloud storage solutions available for you.

Update: Post updated to include two new services to replace CX and SugarSync.

In this digital age, when we keep all our important data dumped into electronic devices, it’s not very hard to lose the data either by human error or for any other reasons. Also, there is a threat of data being stolen when we thought that we got rid of it. Auslogics File Recovery 3 is a simple to use professional application to recover deleted files or lost partitions. It also includes advanced privacy protection and backup tools too; it includes a secure file eraser and disk wiper.

We completed our earlier Auslogics giveaway successfully, so we are here again with another Auslogics software giveaway! This time, the Auslogics File Recovery 3 is up for giveaway. We’ll be giving away 5 copies of Auslogics File Recovery 3 worth almost $250 in total this week. But, first, let’s see the features offered by this application.

File Recovery is a very straight forward and easy to use program. Inclusion of advanced privacy protection and backup tools further increases its value. Let’s take a quick walk-through of the program features before we talk about the giveaway.

FavBackup is a freeware portable software for Windows users that lets you save and migrate almost any major web browser settings. It archives all your personal settings and data such as bookmarks, history, cookies, and saved passwords from all major web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Flock.

In this digital age, one just can’t afford to lose their personal settings and data. As the number of web browser choices have increased, most of us like to use multiple web browsers for surfing the Internet. Keeping a backup of all the data, spread over all these different browsers is difficult, thanks to FavBackup it is less of a hassle now. FavBackup offers an easy and comprehensive way to back up all the data and even lets you migrate easily to a browser on a different computer.

FavBackup is completely portable application and requires no installation. The program has an intuitive Ribbon user interface, so getting started with it is easy and quick. After downloading the program, extract the FavBackup executable file in your choice of folder, run the executable.

EASEUS Partition Master is a comprehensive Windows application for easily managing hard disk partitions. Its convenient user-interface simplifies your tasks by offering many functions to manage your partitions. The Professional Edition can let you enjoy all the powerful basic and advanced partition functions.

Windows default partition manager is very basic and doesn’t offer advanced partition options. EaseUS Partition Master with Partition Recovery Wizard integrated is a comprehensive toolkit for computer users. It covers a full range of features including Partition Manager, Partition Recovery Wizard and disk & partition copy and more.

EaseUS Partition Master also allows users to create bootable disk. Using this bootable disk, you can manage hard disk partitions when the Operating System crashes. You can also resize the primary drive to reinstall other Operating Systems or even manage partitions on a computer without Operating System.