Backup and Restore Different Browser Settings Easily with FavBackup

FavBackup is a freeware portable software for Windows users that lets you save and migrate almost any major web browser settings. It archives all your personal settings and data such as bookmarks, history, cookies, and saved passwords from all major web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari and Flock.

In this digital age, one just can’t afford to lose their personal settings and data. As the number of web browser choices have increased, most of us like to use multiple web browsers for surfing the Internet. Keeping a backup of all the data, spread over all these different browsers is difficult, thanks to FavBackup it is less of a hassle now. FavBackup offers an easy and comprehensive way to back up all the data and even lets you migrate easily to a browser on a different computer.

FavBackup is completely portable application and requires no installation. The program has an intuitive Ribbon user interface, so getting started with it is easy and quick. After downloading the program, extract the FavBackup executable file in your choice of folder, run the executable.

Backing Up a Browser Profile

The “Backup” option allows you to choose which items you want to save for a specific profile, while “Full Backup” saves all settings for all profiles. FavBackup saves all your personal settings and data into a default.dat file.


Choose either “Backup” or “Full Backup” option according to your needs and select the browser that you would like to back up. Browse to the place where you want to keep the backup and click on “Next”. After the backup is completed, click “Finish” to close the program.


Note: In case of “Backup,” all items are selected by default. The Backup process for all the other browsers are identical (pictured above).

Restoring a Backed Up Browser Profile

To import all your personal settings and data which you backed up using the steps above, use either “Restore” or “Full Restore,” and select the backup file “default.dat”.

If you choose the “Restore” option, you can selectively import items from the backup file. “Full Restore” lets you restore the complete data back.


Choose the option that best suits your needs and select the browser that you would like to restore. Select the backup file and click “Next”. The program will restore your browser settings and data. Click on “Finish” to close the program.


Note: In case of “Restore”, all items are selected by default. The Restore process for all the other browsers are identical (pictured above). If you are restoring portable browser data and custom location is not provided, it may overwrite your regular browser settings. If you don’t want this to happen, please provide portable browser’s backup location.

Convert Opera 10 Profile

FavBackup also lets you convert Opera 10 profiles from Windows XP to Windows 7/Vista in both 32-bit and 64-bit format. Simply select the options available under conversion and click on “Next.”



FavBackup is a powerful backup and restore program which is extremely easy to use. It is definitely a recommended software by us which lets even the most novice users to keep their browser settings. You can download FavBackup from the author’s page.

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