Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts [Quick Tip]

Facebook is the most popular social networking site today. It’s interface is evolving everyday and is one of the most easy to use one. If you like doing everything using the keyboard and seldom use the mouse or if you want to experience Facebook faster, then you should try the keyboard shortcuts that Facebook provides for keyboard-only users. All these shortcuts are available in the Facebook Help Centre > Accessibility and Assistive Technology help page. (source)

Below is the excerpt of the keyboard shortcuts available, simply replace the # with the numeric digit shown in the Map section for the surfing the desired page in Facebook. So suppose if you want to return to the Facebook Home page and you are using Internet Explorer 7, simply press Alt + 0. Firefox for Windows users should press Shift + Alt + 0. Firefox and Safari for Mac users on the other hand should press Ctrl + 0.

The shortcuts are browser-specific, so please refer below for your specific browser:

Internet Explorer 7 for PC:
Alt + #, then Enter

Firefox 3 for PC:
Shift + Alt + #

Safari 3 for Mac:
Ctrl + #

Firefox 3 for Mac:
Ctrl + #

0 – Help
1 – Home
2 – Profile
3 – Friends
4 – Inbox
5 — Notifications
6 — Account Settings
7 – Privacy
8 – About
9 – Terms

If you experience any problems with the feature, you can email Facebook’s accessibility team here.

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