How To Check Windows Activation Status

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8 Responses

  1. cahyo says:

    I want to buy win server 2003, i’m get cheap price but the seal was broken.
    how to know that is not yet activated?

  2. andew says:

    I bought windows Server 2008 from one our firms.They came and installed on the machine during my absence and gave me the activation keys. How can i tell if it’s genuine or it have not been used somewhere else.

    Kindly help before i pay them. I hate piracy

  3. Mr Antsy says:

    The first method mentioned FORCES you to reactivate. You want to use the command “slui” instead to check activation.

  4. kasa says:


  5. Ashok Kumar says:

    Thanks friend

  6. Ed says:

    Thanks man…

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