gBurner Virtual Drive: Mount Up To 16 Virtual Disks Simultaneously

gBurner Virtual Drive is a freeware app for Windows users. The lightweight application, whose download size is only 389KB, lets you create and manage up to 16 virtual drives on your computer. Users who are always working with ISO images or other proprietary CD/DVD images or gamers will find gBurner Virtual Drive very useful. With the large number of CD/DVD image file formats, that includes ISO, GBI/GBP, DAA, NRG, MDF/MDS, BIN/CUE, UIF, ISZ, ASHDISC, DMG, GI, BWI/B5I, IMG, CDI, PDI, NCD, LCD, CIF, P01, PXI, C2D, FCD, VCD, it is a must have solution for every computer user.

gBurner Virtual Drive allows you to easily mount any supported CD/DVD image file to get access to your favorite games, music, or software programs. Since, this is a virtual drive, so if you mount and run any image file, it will run at a very fast speed than when you would have run it through your optical drive.

How to use gBurner Virtual Drive?

After downloading the gBurner setup file, proceed to install it. After installation completes, you will notice gBurner Virtual Drive running in the system tray.

Right-click on the gBurner icon to show options for: Mount image file to drive, Unmount drive, Set Number of Drives, Unmount all drives and Options. Through the “Set number of drives” option, you can create up to 16 virtual drives.gBurner Virtual Drive

When you select “Configuration” from “Options” menu, you can get access to the “gBurner Virtual Drive Configuration” window.

gBurner Virtual Drive

Through this window, you can set “Virtual Drive Options” like setting the “Number of Virtual Drives”, enable or disable “Autostart” and “Automount“. You can also manually drive letters from the Virtual Drive Letter Assignment menu.

gBurner Virtual Drive works on all Windows editions starting from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit supported).

Download gBurner Virtual Drive

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