Top 10 Websites To Watch The FIFA World Cup 2010 Finals

FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Finals, one of the World’s largest sporting events is going to start in a few minutes in South Africa. The Internet is buzzing now for the soccer fans around the world with loads of information.

We thought we’ll do our part here by providing the soccer fans with a list of the 10 best sites where they could watch the free live video streaming of the FIFA World Cup 2010 final match between Netherlands and Spain. Check them out yourself!


  1. ESPN3, a part of ESPN, is also offering online viewers a chance to watch the final World Cup match. But, it is available only for certain Internet Service Providers subscribers.
  2. Justin.TV is a very well-known site for live streaming. FIFA World Cup Soccer fans can watch the live telecast of the final match in HD.
  3. Ustream is the next in our list and it has a HD channel for FIFA World Cup 2010 too.
  4. Iraq Goals is a good site that is having a lot of streaming channels for the final match.
  5. From Sport has various sports channels. It streams football, tennis, golf and other sports and caters a variety of viewers. Soccer fans can view the Football channel by clicking on the Football link in the site’s Main Menu bar.
  6. TV Bunch is another very good site that caters the interest of many sports viewers along with soccer.
  7. First Row is another good site for live free streaming of soccer matches on which you can rely on for high quality streams of the final match.
  8. Sina is a Chinese site that provides videos, news of the event, details of players, news and some other information about the FIFA World Cup.
  9. Univision Football is a another good alternative site for watching World Cup 2010 final match.
  10. In, simply click on the Live Sports link and you will be able to watch the FIFA World Cup final when it actually begins.

Hope this list comes handy for all the FIFA World Cup 2010 soccer fans out there! :)

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