Mediaraptor Platinum 4 The Best Music and Video Downloader From Social Media Sources

Mediaraptor is a superb application that can find millions of music videos and songs from social media websites for you. It can then record and convert the music video, or simply find the MP3 format of the song, depending on its search results. It can then convert them, according to your choice, in a more portable formats or in standard WMV and MP3 format. Unlike Tunebite and Radiotracker, the two other products from Audials, Mediaraptor is pretty much very useful out of the box. Mediaraptor can save video tracks from several social media sources, including MySpace,, YouTube, Hulu, and others.

On starting Mediaraptor, you will find the user interface quite similar as seen in Tunebite, Radiotracker, and the ultimate of them all, AudialsOne, divided into two parts.


On the left, you can search for the artists whose songs you want to convert and save the files and Mediaraptor will automatically fetch and tag your files correctly from the Internet. You can also create a Wishlist to simultaneously watch a thousands of internet radio stations. You can also record media content directly from the browser as you surf the media sources.


On the right, you will find an in-built media player to play your recorded media, that also displays you lyrics, cover art and other details. You can easily burn your media files to a CD, create ringtones for your phone, and export the file to play in an external player like Winamp, iTunes and Windows Media Player. You can also synchronize your portable media players.

You will also find the Organize feature that we have seen in the other products of Audials. When you click on Organize you will be able to manage your music and video collection present on the computer easily. You can reorganize all your media files with just a few clicks. You can easily add correct ID3 tags, cover album, song lyrics, and other details to your existing media collection.

Mediaraptor is the best app for the music lovers to fill up their hard drive with tons of music and videos downloaded straight from the social media sources, and organize them too.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of legal ambiguity when using Mediaraptor. Mediaraptor is a very powerful app and it’s ability to find MP3 files that others may have illegally posted to social network sites is the main cause of concern here. You can be safe if you keep in mind while using Mediaraptor that even though it may find these illegal MP3 files too while searching, but you’re not supposed to download those files to your own PC. To stay on the right side of the law, just use Mediaraptor to grab the official music videos from places like YouTube and ignore the MP3 side of this app. For more information about the legal aspects of using Mediaraptor, please read here.

Mediaraptor is available in three versions:

  • Mediaraptor Free that can record up to 40 tracks or videos per session and convert them to MP3 or WMV, respectively. You can use it for free without registration.
  • Mediaraptor Premium which can grab an unlimited amount of music from social media sites and video clips from places like YouTube and retails for $27.
  • Mediaraptor Platinum that can do targeted searches and multiple file format conversions, available for $40.
  • Finally, if you want the joint functionality of Radiotracker, Tunebite and Mediaraptor, you should go for AudialsOne, retails for $60.

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