How To Disable Flash Completely In Google Chrome (Quick Tip)

After Google decided to integrate Adobe Flash in Chrome web browser, a lot of My Technology Guide (MTG) readers were asking this question. Everyone wanted to know how they can completely disable flash in Chrome. After a few tinkering with Google Chrome, we finally found the answer. The answer was hidden in Google Chrome’s internal plug-ins page (not the extension manager page). Here’s how you can quickly disable Adobe Flash plugin in Google Chrome web browser.

How To Disable Flash Completely In Google Chrome?

To disable the in-built Flash plugin completely, follow the simple steps below:

  • Open Google Chrome web browser and in a new tab, type chrome://plugins/ and press Enter.
  • Find Adobe Flash Player plugin on Google Chrome’s Plug-ins manager page.

disable adobe flash plugin in google chrome browser

  • Click on the Disable link for Adobe Flash Player plugin.

You don’t need to restart Chrome to apply the changes. Here’s what Adobe Flash displayed when we checked for the status of the Adobe Flash plugin.

adobe flash plugin disabled in chrome

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