How To Disable Flash Completely In Google Chrome (Quick Tip)

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5 Responses

  1. Matt Lohr says:

    Thank you, sir. Take that, Flash!

  2. I have an ASUS netbook and it’s awfully slow when browsing. I’m guessing the problem is flash. I’ll disable it per your instructions. I hate to say it, but in this age of lean computing, Steve Jobs is right. Flash is a resource hog.

  3. tito says:

    i hav to do this evry time i trun on my pc? is there permanent solution?

  4. Gj McGinnis says:

    As tito said, you have to do this often! I don’t even have to turn off my PC or even close Chrome! It just automatically re-enables itself whenever it feels like it! And I know instantly, because Flash starts crashing or causing “jerkiness”. I’ve even made myself a bookmark for “about:plugins” because I have to go disable the google flash so often!
    We need a PERMANENT way to disable this, or AT LEAST a way to disable it until the next Chrome update! This is ridiculous!

  5. hate shockwave says:

    this won’t work, i did this and it still says, “shockwave flash has crashed”.

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