News: Get Scrolling Latest RSS Ticker on your Desktop

NEWS is a free open source RSS ticker for Windows and Linux systems. It lets you stay up-to-date with the latest news from your favourite feeds directly on your desktop. With a single click, you get the latest headlines scrolling in a thin window on your desktop (similar to what can be seen on News TV channels).

News is light on resources and an extensive set of preferences lets you easily control the scrolling speed, update, fonts, bar size, transparency, colours, and a lot more options. The default feed is provided by BBC News but you can change it via ‘File > Open RSS feed’.


Simply tweak the settings of News to display it the way you want to on your desktop and you will love it. :)

After a few tweaks, below is what I got on my Ubuntu Desktop:


You can download News from the download links given below:

[ Download News RSS Ticker ] [ Mirror Download Link (only for Windows) ] [Source]

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