Windows 7 Product Guide Now Available for Free Download

Do you want a concise guide of what Windows 7 has to offer and how it can help you and your business? Microsoft has created the Windows 7 Product Guide to help you out.  This easy to read guide gives you a clear overview of the features in Windows 7 without a lot of technical jargon that you might find in other content. The guide was designed to educate and inform readers about benefits you get from adopting Windows 7.

The Windows 7 Product Guide has three major sections:

  • Introduction – Describes how Microsoft designed Windows 7, what editions of Windows 7 are available and what is new.
  • Windows 7 for You – Goes over features in Windows 7 that, simplify everyday tasks, works the way you want, and makes new things possible.
  • Windows 7 for IT Professionals – Explains how Windows 7 can make people productive anywhere, manage risk though enhanced security and control, and cut costs by streamlining PC management.  This section also has an overview of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack to help you learn about how this set of applications can help you get to a more managed and optimized desktop.

If you are looking for a good reference guide about Windows 7, than download a copy of the Windows 7 Product Guide here (available in XPS and PDF versions).

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