Compatibility Center Tells You Which Software or Hardware Works On Windows 8.1

Microsoft Windows Compatibility Center offers you insights about which software or hardware is compatible with the latest version of Windows operating system, Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1. As Windows 8.1 is assumed to work smoothly on Windows 8, you can assume that most, if not all, software and hardware should work on Windows 8.1. You can confirm this by visiting the Compatibility Center.

So how you will find out what software or hardware works on Windows 8.1 using the Compatibility Center?

All you need to do is visit the compatibility center, search for the product name and click on the “Search” button.


Microsoft will display details about the product whether the product or software is compatible with Windows 8.1. Microsoft compatibility center helps users to easily find out whether a specific product is compatible with Windows 8.1 or not, including drivers, app updates, stand-alone software, and hardware. The service also shows you “community rating” and a download link of the software you searched for. As an end-user, you can contribute to the compatibility center by voting yes or no depending on your experience with the product.


The Compatibility Center is a very handy service, and if you have your hands on the leaked Windows 8.1 RTM version, you can be sure if everything that you had in Windows 8 works or not.

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