IE9 Tweaker Lets You Tweak Internet Explorer 9 Settings

Are you testing the beta build of Internet Explorer 9? Are you looking for some pretty quick IE9 tweaks the easy way without the dirty work of editing the registry or modifying any files? Look no further than IE9 Tweaker! It is a very easy to use, straight-forward software, designed for only one purpose, to enable you to tweak some select settings of Internet Explorer 9 with ease. IE9 Tweaker created by Lee Whittington, an author and a forum member of The Windows Club, is a portable small application that provides easy fast access to a handful of useful Internet Explorer 9 hidden settings.

You will find a setting to always show the menu bar, always show menu bar at top, display small icons on toolbarlaunch all new browsing sessions in full-screen mode, and start IE9 with InPrivate filtering enabled. You can also tweak the number of rows on the new tab page without messing up the registry yourself. Using IE9 Tweaker, you can even easily create a custom page to list your preferred sites instead of IE9’s automatically generated selection using the “custom page creator”.


IE9 Tweaker Features at a glance:

  • Set menu bar to be always visible
  • Set menu bar on top
  • Set InPrivate Filtering to be always on
  • Set 3D Border to add a border between the toolbar and the web window.
  • Always start IE in full-screen
  • Set small icons on toolbar
  • Change number of maximum downloads
  • Change the rows on the about:tabs page. You can set this figure between 2 -5. (By default, Internet Explorer 9 shows 2 rows of your most visited sites on the about:tabs page, with each row having 5 thumbnails.)
  • Create a custom Favorites Home Page to make it display your favorites.

You can download a copy of IE9 Tweaker for free from The Windows Club.

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