Apple iOS 9 Public Beta Is Available for Testing, Here’s How to Get Started With It

Apple has released the iOS 9 public beta for everyone willing to test the beta version on their iPad or iPhone.

Apple’s upcoming mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone, version iOS 9, is out for beta test. Apple released the public beta version of iOS 9 a day after seeding iOS 9 beta 3 to developers. If you are adventurous and like testing beta software (read: buggy) here’s how to get iOS 9 public beta on your Apple device.

iOS 9 Public Beta Release

How to Get iOS 9 Public Beta on Your iPhone or iPad?

You are still reading which means you truly would love to try the public beta yourself. We won’t keep you tied with much chatter here. Don’t forget to read the warnings before you dive in.

iOS 9 running on iPad, iPhone

iOS 9 running on iPad, iPhone. Image Source: Apple

Warning! The iOS 9 public beta is still in development, which means some applications and services may not work as expected. Be sure to back up your iOS device with iTunes before installing the public beta. You should never install it on your iOS device on which you work or you are depended on it. Apple recommends installing it on a spare iOS device (if you have one).

First of all, you need to sign up for Apple Beta Software Program using your Apple ID. Agree to the long terms and conditions page and you are ready.

Backup your iOS device using iTunes. (Very important)

After the backup is complete, open from your iOS device.

iOS Beta Software Pre-release consent

iOS Beta Software Pre-release consent

You will receive a prompt to install the configuration profile. You will be guided throughout the installation process.

iOS Beta Software Profile Configuration

iOS Beta Software Profile Configuration

Once the configuration profile is installed, you will receive a prompt to reboot your iOS device. After reboot you will find a new Feedback Assistant app on the second page of your iOS device Home screen. Tap on it to agree to the terms.

iOS Beta Software Feedback Agent Terms

iOS Beta Software Feedback Agent Terms

If your iOS device is running iOS 8.1.3 or later, you will receive the latest public beta software over the air. (Tap on the Settings app > General > Software Update to download and install iOS 9 public beta on your iPhone or iPad.)

iOS Beta Software Feedback Agent

iOS Beta Software Feedback Agent

During the testing, if you find any bugs, you can use the Feedback Assistant app to send reports directly to Apple.

Here’s the official FAQ page that will answer most of your questions about the Apple Beta Software Program.

What’S New in iOS 9?

Apple with iOS 9 brings a new News app on iPad, along with performance improvements across the platform. The iOS 9 now features advanced battery savings for power management, new multi-tasking design and Siri enhancements. Further, iOS 9 includes a Proactive search, Transit in Apple Maps, and will sport a brand new Notes application. It also includes some new features that may hint to the launch of iPad Pro, a larger screen variant of the iOS tablet family.

When Will Apple Release iOS 9 Final Version?

The final date of iOS 9 release is not yet officially declared but expect it later this fall. If you have opted in the public beta, you will be upgraded to the final version of iOS 9 once released.

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