Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 Officially Confirmed, Will Be Fully Compatible With the OS

Mozilla has officially announced Firefox for Windows 10 on the foundation’s official blog. The official release of Windows 10 is set on July 29, 2015. With the new operating system Microsoft is shipping its brand new Microsoft Edge web browser. The upcoming Edge web browser is already getting a lot of publicity thanks to the Windows Insider program. The browser wars may start again with the arrival of Microsoft Edge, an attempt by the Redmond software giant to keep up with the modern web. The announcement of Mozilla Firefox for Windows 10 is a proof that the battle will soon get more fierce.

Mozilla Firefox

Microsoft is offering its new Edge web browser as a universal app that will work on any device running Windows 10. You can expect to see Edge on PCs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones. This may attract potential antitrust case against it. To avoid any such situation the company is expected to allow its users to choose from a variety of third-party browsers. The confirmation of the port of Firefox for Windows 10 is a good news for everyone who wants to have a choice.

Firefox Pillars

Firefox Pillars.
Image Source: Mozilla

The browser landscape is changing with the arrival of the new OS and the latest web technologies. In fact, Mozilla has said they are porting its popular browser to make it fully compatible with Windows 10. In the blog post titled “What to Look Forward to from Firefox,” Mozilla reveals:

The first focus area is delivering an uncompromised user experience that ensures Firefox meets the most rigorous of quality and performance standards. This commitment is evident in the strides we’re making to improve the richest Web experiences like HTML5 video playback and game performance. We’ll also soon deliver Firefox to new platforms, such as Firefox for iOS and Windows 10, where we will provide an independent and high-performing alternative to the stock browser.

Whether the new port of Firefox for Windows 10 is going to be a universal app like Edge or not is yet to be seen. Details about the new port are yet to be provided by the foundation. Right now, Windows Insiders testing the latest Windows 10 Preview version may have notice that Firefox already works fine on the OS. Mozilla is expected to release a fully compatible version of its flagship browser sooner. Expect the browser to be released by the time Microsoft is ready to ship Windows 10 on July 29. It will be exciting to see how things turn up for Edge and its competitors like Firefox.

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