Microsoft Offers Windows 8 Pro Upgrade To Students For $70

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Pro Upgrade offer for general users expired on January 31, 2013, Windows 8 Pro now retails for $199.99. Microsoft has announced a new promotion exclusively for students across 50 countries. The Windows 8 student offer, through which students in the U.S. and in 49 additional countries can purchase Windows 8 Pro upgrade license for $69.99. Windows 8 student offer will be available in the U.S. from February 1st, and by March 19th, the offer will be available in the rest of 49 countries. Students in the U.S. can get the Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition online via the Microsoft Store for just $69.99. The price may vary slightly across other countries.


On February 21, the Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer for students will become available in other 22 countries, which includes Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and more. On March 7, the offer will be available in 11 more countries, and on March 19, 16 more countries will be added. See the complete list of countries below:


Windows Campus Tour

Starting February 18, 2013, Microsoft will also start a Windows Campus Tour. Microsoft will visit over 150 university campuses across the U.S. where students will be allowed to try Windows 8, check out the latest tablets and PC’s for students, chat with “a team of Techsperts” (a team of experts). You can get more information about the tour dates and locations here.

Windows 8 Pro Upgrade For Students: Offer Terms

Students only qualify for this offer if they have a valid e-mail address through a qualifying education institution. Students also need to have a PC that is currently running a genuine copy of Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7. Qualifying students can buy up to five copies. You can see all the Terms and Conditions of this offer here.

Images courtesy of Microsoft

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