Kaspersky Security Scan: Free Cloud-Based Malware Scanner

Kaspersky Labs released a new free cloud scanner, called Kaspersky Security Scan.

Kaspersky Security Scan retrieves malware information from the cloud and scans your computer to find the latest threats. Kaspersky’s free cloud scanner doesn’t replaces your regular antivirus because it lacks real-time protection support but is an on-demand malware scanner.

You can use the scanner to check your computer for infections, software vulnerabilities and other security problems only. It will not fix, modify or delete any detected threats neither it will fix any detected security threats. Rather, the tool gives you a “second opinion” and helps you double-check the state your PC security. The “Fix now” button opens up Kaspersky.com that displays some offers on their security products. Kaspersky Security Scan can additionally detect if any firewall or antivirus is active on your PC.

You may be wondering, why then you should use it? Well, if you have a security suite installed but you suspect that some malware is in your PC, you should download Kaspersky Security Scan and scan your computer system. This will help you verify if what you are suspecting is for real or not.

How to use Kaspersky Security Scan?

First download the cloud antivirus scanner and launch it. It will download the actual installer which is around 42MB in size. Install it and run the application.


The tool offers three scan profiles; Quick scan, Full scan and Schedule scan.


All these profiles are self-explanatory. Quick scan lets you do a quick scan of your system. Full scan lets you scan everything on your PC and will take time to complete. Schedule scan is helpful if you want to regularly scan your PC for latest threats which may go undetected by your installed security suite. By default, the tool runs three regular scans per week.


After scanning is complete, you are presented with the scan results.


You can see detailed report in your browser.


Kaspersky Security Scan requires Internet connection to connect to the “cloud-based” Kaspersky Security Network service so that it can detect latest threats.

You can download Kaspersky Security Scan from its official website.

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