Kaspersky Security Scan: Free Cloud-Based Malware Scanner

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2 Responses

  1. John says:

    Hi Mezanul,

    Interestingly I downloaded and ran the Kaspersky Security Scan more out of curiosity and to also check to see if it came up with anything that I was not aware of. It found surprisingly the exact same issues as what your screen shot displays, so all up I not quite sure what to think of this, is it just a beat up to up sell their other products or what?


    • Mezanul says:

      Hi John,

      When I wrote about KSS, I didn’t have any malware samples to test it. But, I was browsing through Softpedia and found that in their test it did caught malware. Yes, definitely Kaspersky is trying to pitch in their commercial products through KSS. But I think its definitely worth keeping to get a “second opinion” about your PC’s security. :)

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