Adobe has released Flash Player 11.3.300.262, which officially fixes the issues faced by Mozilla Firefox users.

Adobe Flash Player update that shipped earlier this month caused problems for Firefox users. Most users complained that the update caused Firefox to crash or freeze. Mozilla released an update last week to temporarily fix some issues related to Flash. Mozilla, along with Adobe also offered some troubleshooting tips for affected Firefox users.fix-firefox-adobe-flash-issues

Manual Workarounds to Fix Firefox-Flash Player issues

Mozilla recommended its users to disable or uninstall RealPlayer Browser Record extension (if RealPlayer is installed in users PC). Mozilla also recommended to turn off Web Download and Recording in RealPlayer. Even then if the problem persists, users were asked to downgrade Adobe Flash.

Like Mozilla, Adobe also offered similar workarounds to temporarily fix the issues. Additionally, Adobe asked users to try running Firefox in Safe Mode, or by running Firefox with all its plug-ins disabled. Some advanced steps like running Firefox with a new profile or by cleaning users Windows profile was also suggested by Adobe.

As a last resort, Adobe suggested disabling protected mode in Flash Player, which was introduced with version 11.3. If you’ve gone ahead and disabled Flash Player’s protected mode, after updating to Flash Player 11.3.300.262, Adobe has recommended to enable it again.

Adobe Flash Player Update Change Log

According to the official change log released by Adobe, the latest version of Flash Player 11.3.300.262, which is available for download, will fix the issues. But the issue with audio distortion when streaming Flash content is still there in Flash Player 11.3.300.262.

Fixed Issues

  • Users experience crashes while viewing Flash content in Firefox on Windows (3211153)

Known Issues

  • Audio distortion issues when streaming Flash content (3212648)

How to update Adobe Flash Player to the latest version?

Users can either download the latest version from the official website, or can use the direct download link to update Flash on their computers. You can also visit this page to know if your Adobe Flash is automatically updated to the latest version or it needs an update.


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  1. Jim O'Dell Reply

    Since the problems with the new Flash/Firefox/Rea lPlayer/Recorder started, I can not record videos from YouTube, Surely you can fix the problem by now. I can watch YouTube videos, and I can watch previously recorded videos on Real Player, just can’t record new videos. On either computer. My desktop has Win7 Pro 64, Firefox 12.0, newest Flash release. My laptop is the same except has 13.0. Please help, there are some new videos I’d like to add to my lists to play in sequence with the others.

    • With the latest Adobe Flash installed, I think you can go ahead and enable Real Player plugin again. I assume it should work. Do let me know what’s the result. :)

      P.S. You can check one of our old article about downloading videos from YouTube.

      Note: I don’t use Real Player and have not tested if it works with the latest update or not.

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