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Configure Automatic Downloads on iOS 0

How to Configure Automatic Downloads on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Do you love it when you get your music, apps, and other media automatically downloaded on your iPhone, or iPad, or iPod touch, after downloading it on another of your iOS device? Some do not prefer this and do not want all their iOS devices automatically download and sync music,...

Hyperlapse App 0

Hyperlapse App Let’s You Create Amazing Time-Lapse Video Masterpiece

Hyperlapse is a time-lapse video recording app from the makers of the popular smartphone app and social network Instagram. Instagram app itself supports video recording and sharing. For Instagram, launching another app for video recording and sharing may sound confusing. You don’t have to wonder anymore. We will here clear...

JailbreakMe: Easy iPhone 4 Jailbreaking by iPhone Dev Team 0

JailbreakMe: Easy iPhone 4 Jailbreaking by iPhone Dev Team

After the Library of Congress made iPhone jailbreaking legal, Comex and company, the infamous iPhone Dev Team has released the long-awaited jailbreak to the iPhone 4. It’s called JailbreakMe, an easy way to jailbreak the iPhone 4. According to their new page JailbreakMe, the hack works right from your iPhone’s browser (or 3GS, 3G,...