JailbreakMe: Easy iPhone 4 Jailbreaking by iPhone Dev Team

After the Library of Congress made iPhone jailbreaking legal, Comex and company, the infamous iPhone Dev Team has released the long-awaited jailbreak to the iPhone 4. It’s called JailbreakMe, an easy way to jailbreak the iPhone 4.

According to their new page JailbreakMe, the hack works right from your iPhone’s browser (or 3GS, 3G, iPad, iPod Touch) to reportedly break into most any iOS device. The landing page for JailbreakMe reminds you that iPhone jailbreaking is now legal, and also fully reversible by plugging in your device and hitting Restore in iTunes.


If you’re going to experiment with jailbreaking, don’t forget to back up your device. JailbreakMe is suddenly very popular, so the servers have hung, or not responding and might be causing problems for some users, according to Engadget.

If you are seeing a purple screen when trying to use JailbreakMe, then it is the evidence of server fail. Comex says you might want to reboot if you got stuck staring at that purple screen, and you could also try their backup server (click our second source link) to help the Dev Team divide the load.

Via: Engadget

More information: Redmond Pie

Source: JailbreakMe (1)(2)

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