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Bing-Desktop 4

Microsoft Bing Desktop Automatically Sets Bing Background Image as Wallpaper

Do you want to automatically see a fresh new wallpaper on your desktop everyday? I did share a few useful applications like Wally, Bing Wallpaper Downloader, both of which are really good software for any wallpaper collector. You will also don’t want to miss my compilation of 30+ Beautiful Wallpapers to bring...

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HTML5 Video Support Added To Bing Homepage 1

HTML5 Video Support Added To Bing Homepage

Microsoft has enabled HTML5 videos for its Bing search engine. Both the search engine giants, Google and Bing always tries their best to entice the users by bringing in new features to their homepages. Earlier, what was a simple search form on both these search giants homepages, has now became...

Windows 8 Logon Welcome Screen Leaked 0

Windows 8 Logon Welcome Screen Leaked

In our earlier article, we posted lots of leaked screenshots of Windows 8. The screenshot comes courtesy of Within Windows and shows the current state of the Windows 8 login screen. Windows 8’s new login screen has a full-screen background image similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7 but it shows more details not displayed...

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