HTML5 Video Support Added To Bing Homepage

Microsoft has enabled HTML5 videos for its Bing search engine.

Both the search engine giants, Google and Bing always tries their best to entice the users by bringing in new features to their homepages. Earlier, what was a simple search form on both these search giants homepages, has now became very lively and interactive. Google lets their users set custom backgrounds while Bing displays a new wallpaper in its background everyday. Competing with Google to bring out the best user experience, Bing has added another new feather to its cap with the new HTML5 videos which play in the background of their homepage.

Microsoft revealed the change in a blog post on Friday. According to Bing homepage team member, Stephanie Horstmanshof, as of yet, you will not see a new video everyday, but the videos will change on special occasions or moods. Although the new HTML5 video enabled Bing homepage is U.S. only, Microsoft plans to roll this out to international markets in the next few months.

We won’t be programming a video every day, just when the mood strikes us.
While this first video is US-only, we’ll begin rolling the video homepage out to international markets in the next few months – so stay tuned.

If you are using a modern latest browser like Firefox, Chrome, IE9, Opera etc, you will be able to play the videos without any problem. If you are not using a HTML5 capable browser you will instead see the static wallpaper image. If you are not in the US and want to check out the new HTML5 video enabled Bing homepage, simply change your region to United States – English by visiting this page.

The first HTML5 animated homepage features a video of the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

Microsoft has created a video that gives us a look behind the scenes of the Bing homepage.

We really liked it and found it very lively. And we didn’t notice any lag in the page load too. Visit now to experience it yourself. Do you like the new HTML5 video enabled Bing homepage or like the static wallpaper based homepage much more?

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