Grooveshark Desktop For Mac

Grooveshark is one of the popular streaming music service. You just have to visit their web page and start listening to your favorite music for free. We will not go into too much details about Grooveshark as we think everyone here knows about them. Earlier we have seen Grooveshark desktop application for Windows users.

For Mac OS X users, who love to listen to music using Grooveshark, here is an application, which they will like a lot. The application aptly called Grooveshark Desktop for Mac which is also known as gsfluid, lets Mac users enjoy music without having to launch a web browser and visit the website. Grooveshark Desktop for Mac is a freeware application which is very simple to use. Developed by Jake Teton-Landis, it’s an unofficial Mac desktop client for the website.


Some of the key features of gsFluid (or Grooveshark Desktop) are:

  • Bowtie-like miniController with fully customizable themes
  • Media key support
  • Growl notifications
  • reduced pixel waste
  • native support
  • miniController, minify, and full-screen view modes


The app is available in installer format as well as a disk image for convenience. The developer recommends the use of the installer package but you are free to use whichever of the two to install the app.

After installing, simply launch the app and listen to your favorite music. If you want to clear your preferences from this application, simply run the following commands in the JavaScript console (accessible via Window → Show Error Console…)


You can download Grooveshark for Mac or gsFluid from the developer’s page.

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