Dashlane: Super Fast, Hassle Free Web Logins and Checkouts

Dashlane Dashboard

February 1st was "change your password day." Did you changed your passwords? When you're managing your various accounts, passwords and other sensitive data, it becomes very difficult to keep them secure while accessible. You can easily find many efficient password managers but most of them … [Read more...]

Pokki Brings Awesome Web Apps, Games To The Desktop


We've seen Mozilla Prism and Google Chrome's application shortcuts, built to display and make websites (web apps) behave as native applications. But both had one disadvantage, you don't feel any difference over using just the browser. Basically, both just displayed the same look which you would see … [Read more...]

Spool Is Instapaper And Read It Later On Steroids


The Internet around us is exploding with new cool and amazing videos and articles every second. As we all are busy, we don't have so much time to go through all the new links and videos shared in our social channels. Luckily, there are services available like Instapaper and Read It Later to┬ásave the … [Read more...]

PicResize: Now Easily Resize, Shrink, Crop Your Pictures Online Free


PicResize is a free online picture resize, shrink, and crop service. Since, it is an online tool, you don't need to download any special program to run it. You just need to start your favorite browser and visit Pic Resize website to use the free service. For all your simple picture editing … [Read more...]

iSpaces: Your Personal Computer on the Cloud

iSpaces: CloudBrowser, SpaceNote, SpacePhone, OfficeSpace

I am always on the move thus accessing all my data from different computers and devices becomes very┬ácumbersome. I was searching for a service which will let me carry all my work (yes, carrying all my data into a flash drive is an option but still they had some disadvantages like slow access when … [Read more...]