Pokki Brings Awesome Web Apps, Games To The Desktop

We’ve seen Mozilla Prism and Google Chrome’s application shortcuts, built to display and make websites (web apps) behave as native applications. But both had one disadvantage, you don’t feel any difference over using just the browser. Basically, both just displayed the same look which you would see when opening the website in the browser. You never get the feeling of using an actual native application.

This is why SweetLabs came up with Pokki. Currently in beta, it aims to make you feel as if you’re actually using a desktop app when the next time you open your Gmail inbox or use the Facebook to connect with your friends or tweet to your friends. Pokki is available only for the Windows platform now, with Mac and Linux support coming down the line.

A Brief Pokki Introduction

Pokki is a framework built on Chromium that brings the web applications to your desktop through the help Pokki applications called “Pokkis”. Pokki apps are developed using standard web technologies like HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, but with some key additions to bring you the best web application experience.

Pokki apps support nice notification tags on the icons of the apps in the menu bar. They’re also very easy to use and convenient to use too. So, you want to check your Gmail quickly? Simply click on the Gmail Pokkis, and it will pop up in a small window displaying your Gmail inbox. Click outside of the Pokki, and it disappears away. As simple as that.


Developing apps for Pokki is completely free. With their continuous contests for new apps, more and more new apps are added to Pokki. At the time of writing Pokki had already 83 apps and counting. So far, you’ll find Pokki applications for Twitter, Facebook, Grooveshark, GMail, and many more popular services. Even games like The Godfather and more are now available if you want to take a quick break. The apps are beautifully designed and easy to use.

Installing and Using Pokki

Sounds awesome? Let’s get started. First download Pokki from their official website and install it. The installation process is very quick and you should see a little acorn icon next to the Start Orb (or Start button) in the taskbar in under two minutes. Click on the little acorn to get access to the list of new, featured, and all available Pokkis.


Click on the Download button available below the Pokki app you want to install. You’ll find the icon of the downloaded Pokki apps in the taskbar next to the Pokki acorn. When you click one of them, it opens up in a larger view.

For example, the Gmail app brings up your Gmail inbox in a pop-up window that allows you to read, reply, and manage your email. The Facebook app shows your news stream and lets you update it or comment on other posts.


The Twitter app lets you access your tweets and update it. If you click anywhere out of a Pokki app window, the app disappears back to the taskbar.



All in all, Pokki by SweetLabs is rather very ambitious. Definitely worth to keep and use. As more and more developers starts building apps for Pokki, it will definitely suit millions of users.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, don’t hesitate to comment below and get a discussion flowing! If you have used Pokki, tell us what you think about it and don’t forget to share your favorite Pokki app. Thank you for reading!

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