opera 10


Opera Developers has released Opera 10.62, which is a recommended upgrade offering security and stability enhancements. It is highly recommends for all Opera web browser users to upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of the security and stability improvements.

Opera 10.62 is based on the brand new version of Presto, Opera’s rendering engine. It now uses Presto 2.6.30 that includes support for several new HTML5 features, such as GeoLocation, Web Workers and Offline applications.

Opera web browser fans should rejoice as Opera has released Opera 10.60, “faster than the fastest browser” recently. Opera 10.60 is based on the new version of Presto 2.6.30 rendering engine. It now includes support for several new HTML5 features, such as GeoLocation, Web Workers and Offline applications. It has also notably improved Javascript and DOM performance. The latest version also have thousands of bugs fixed since 10.54. Opera 10.60 is the first web browser that supports for the high quality video format WebM.

Opera team has released the final version of its much awaited web browser Opera 10.5010.50. Opera 10.50 brings a lot of new features to the table, most noticeable the speed improvements which leaves Firefox behind in the dust, at least for now. Opera 10.50 is only offered for the Windows operating system with the likelihood that versions for other operating systems follow suite later this month.

1253214767_OperaThe Opera developers have released an update version 10.01 of Opera web browser. This update of Opera is a security and stability upgrade with no other apparent changes. As this release is a security update it is highly recommended for all Opera 10 users to update Opera to protect themselves, the browser and the computer system from malicious attacks.

The security and stability update is available for all supported operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac). Interested users can view the change logs for a complete release information. Opera 10.01 does not include Opera Unite which is still slated for a release in the final version of Opera 10.10.

operaOpera 10 has been released recently, which brings with itself a lot of new features and more faster browsing experience. Opera 10 comes with Opera Turbo. Opera Turbo is a server-side optimization and compression technology that speeds up data transfer and reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded in order to view the page by up to 80%. Among other means, the compression is achieved by image down-sampling therefore some level of distortion in graphics may occur. This feature is helpful for users who are on a slow connection. Just activate Opera Turbo and surf the internet faster.

If you are yet not an Opera user and want to try out Opera 10 without installing it or if you are an Opera user and wants to carry your favorite browser with you then Opera 10 Portable is what you need. You can run it and test Opera 10 and if you like the new version, you can either keep continue using portable version or install the normal installable version.

operaOpera 10 Final is released officially and is now available for download from the official site as well as from the Opera ftp site. The final version of Opera is apparently the same build as the Opera 10 Release Candidate 2 (except for a few minor changes to standard files and a few new folders) that was released last week.

The Opera browser is the first major web browser to hit a two-digit version and it is well deserved as it was source for a series of web browsing enhancements and improvements that were copied by other Internet browsers throughout its existence.

The changes since RC2 according to the official Opera Desktop Team blog is as follows:

  • Icon fix for Unix
  • Minor fixes default search engines and bookmarks